How Herb Scissors help to fast cooking?

Herb scissors

About The Product:

So many persons feel uncomfortable using a knife to mince the herbs as small pieces but this Herb Scissors are very comfortable and easy to use.This item having five blades equals to 10 knife chops ,so save time to mince herbs.This product handle very comfortable ,having soft grip,light weight and recyclable.

It has so many benefits:

  1. This is very useful item for preparing pizza,salad,casseroles,and soups
  2. Cutting herbs without injury or tearing
  3. Keep fresh flavors and healthy benefits of fresh herbs
  4. reduce preparation time
  5. storage of this item very safe with hard plastic cover
  6. It is being washed in a dishwasher without damaged,absolutely Dishwasher safe
  7. This item very useful with Basil,Dill,Parsley,Rosemary,chives,mint,cilantro.
  8. It is also used for creating arts and crafts projects and shredding fabric or paper
  9. Easy to clean and remove all herbs between the blades
  10. Handles allow a nice grip,so it is easy to use either right or left handed persons

Buy Online Here:

Country Cost
USA $ 11.77
Canada CDN$ 39.31
Spain EUR 15.80

Item Information:

  • Color-------------Green
  • Size--------------7.8x3.2x0.8 inches
  • Item Type---------- Knives
  • Item material-------Stainless steel
  • Item Name----------- Herb Scissors

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