Just A Slice Cake Pan Making Eight Types Of Flavours Cake.

just a slice cake pan making eight types of flavours cake

About The Product:

In our family,everyone not like same flavours of cake,someone likes chocolate mud cake,somebody likes Banana cake and some other persons likes different cake ,especially children's are more tumult,so just a slice cake panfulfil your family members desires,it has eight types of individual portions ,so we can bake different flavour cakes at the same time ,baking pan that forms eight individual triangle shapes.Preparation of different cakes are very easy.Once cake is baked no need to cut into portions.The design of this product each portion using different ingredients according to your taste ,this is completely dishwasher safe ,so very easy to clean.It is very safe to use in microwave,oven,dishwasher,refrigerator and freezer.It is easy to maintenance and repels water and germs because this item made with platinum silicone.It is best item for food hygiene and safety.

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Country Cost
USA $ 14.38
Canada CDN$ 32.99
Spain EUR 68,75

Item Specifications:

  • Brand-------------- Lekue
  • Item Color--------- Red
  • Item Type----------- Mould Tray
  • number of portions--- eight
  • Item Shape------------ Round
  • Material--------------- platinum silicone
  • Dimensions------------- 10.6x10.5x2 inches,each cell length 3.5 inches,1.50 inches in depth
  • Net weight------------- 9.1 ounces

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