Roast Cutting Tongs easy cut vegetables and meat.

roast cutting tongs

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So many times some chefs cutting their fingers unfortunately for slicing vegetables,fruits,meat Roast Cutting Tongskeep away your fingers from sharp blades,it is cut in between adjustable guides for even in best advice is it is suitable item to everyone .Even inexperienced persons also easily handle this item without any harm.This is best item for outdoor cooking also.It is best tool for any type of roast and easy to hold the roast.Thickness of the meat after cutting is roughly 1/2 inch.

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Country Cost
USA $ 152.98
Canada CDN$ 210.38
Spain EUR 188,09

Item Information



Item name------------------------Roast cutting Tongs

Item Color-----------------------Silver

Item Dimensions------------------11.4×1.2×2.8 inches

Net weight-----------------------14.1 ounces


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