Ice Cream Erasers Best Gift For Parties And For Prizes.

ice cream erasers best gift for parties and for prizes

About this item:

Generally people buying normal erasers,these erasers not work perfectly and also leave smudge marks or streaks,but ice cream shaped erases works more perfect than normal erasers.These non-edible erasers available in so many colors include white,green,pink and brown.Each eraser come apart so you can interchange sticks and the cones as you like.Some children likes miniature toys so this type of erasers are the best option.The price,quality and size of this erasers are good.No doubt these erasers brings a fun to your kid's face and they liked so much.Each eraser size is 1.5" inches tall and 1" inch wide.Finally I do not recommended for kids under three years age as they are choking hazard .It is perfect for school aged kids,especially above five years kids.

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Country Cost
USA $ 20.99
Canada CDN$ 15.68
Spain EUR 77.85

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