Five Different Plants can grow in 5 Tier Stackable Pot

5 tier stackable pot
Pros Cons
  • save space
  • save water
  • great for growing many plants
  • Pots not cracking in the sun
  • Gardening very easy
  • pot layer doesn't stronger
  • in indoor each section of the plant not get enough light

Uses of 5 tier Stackable Pot:

Some people very interested in planting different flowers,vegetables,and more but sometimes they are discourage because not available enough space for them,and some areas have deficient in water and some apartments and areas restricted for using excess water.So Mr.Stacky company introduced 5 tier stackable pot,it is very helpful for people who do not have enough space,it has five pots and placed one above the other in one you can growing strawberries,herbs,flowers,succulents and more in a small space,and another benefit from this pot is no need of over-watering your plants because it has water reservoirs and each layer has hole that allows water to drip slowly from above pot to beneath pot.Each stack also having four planting locations,totally 20 planting locations are available.

What type of plants can grow in stackable pot?

Peppers,broccoli,cabbage,brussel sprouts,greens,lettuces,pine berries,kale,basil etc.It is useful for just like small herb garden and also all of these plants working better than ground.

Best Soil for using plants:

some customers used vegetable garden soil,peat moss and fertilizer,and some other customers mixing coconut coir,perlite and organic potting.According to seller information 24 quarts or 0.75 cubic feet soil is needed.

Hardness of the pot:

each pot is made with polypropylene with UV inhibitors so do not cracking and fading.


It is brings new beauty to your home,it is more adorable.If you can grow flowers this will brings the florist shop for every special occasion.It is useful in both indoor and outdoor.Hydroponics system is also possible with this 5 tier stackable I would like to say that this is great time for all environmental friends and lovers.

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Country Cost
USA $ 29.97
Canada CDN$ 82.62
Spain EUR 31,51

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