Your old items turn into new look with Metallic paints

your old items turn into new look with metallic paints

Your house having so many items like mirrors,dolls,flower pots,photo frames etc.But after some time these items are antiquated and also some times you feel bored to watch these items daily,so if you use metallic paints glow them again and completely turn into new stylish look.These paints works just like perfume bottle,just press it,paint comes out.No need of extra skills are required to paint your items,very easy to use.Mostly these paints use in interior decorative items only not exterior.This type of metallic colors are realistic and brings perfect design you wanted.The great advantage of this paints are you do not mixing it with other colors.These paints are used in various items including plastic,bottles,furniture,lamps,curtain holders so far.It will stick upon the first spray so no need to spray so many times ,and also the paint dried very fast.I strongly believe and recommended to you this product,it will hundred percent rejuvenate and shiny your items.No need of brushes or roller marks,the paint is comes out from spray nozzle and spread entire item.

Country Cost
USA $ 37.00
Canada CDN$ 52.04
Spain EUR 62.94

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