Blooming Bath keep baby happy during bath time

Blooming bath keep baby happy during bath time

The Blooming Bath is made from softest polyester plush materials so it has lot of cushion and fits for all types of sinks either smaller sinks or larger sinks,so your baby not falling down from sink.This item petals protect your baby head knocking sink sides.Your baby get relaxing experience and do not cry at bath time.It is more comfortable for both infants as well as grownups,it is generally recommended for infants and babies up to one year.It is more comfortable and better than traditional Baby Bath Tubs because it is provide cushion cover supporting for your baby sitting.Your baby feel like mother's warm embrace at the time of bath because this Blooming Bath hold your baby body.It is easy to setup and also easy to wash up.The package outside given valuable information and explain everything about the product including how to use,how to wash, how to clean and how to dry after completion of your baby bath.No doubt your baby loves and enjoy so much during bath time in a flower shape blooming bath tub.

It is also useful for gift item.Most of the mothers worried about on drying,they told very hard to dry it but company given simple instructions and they suggest when finished with bath,simply fold petals and push down it and then hang it or put it in the dryer.

After use it very long time, it can be also used as a mat.

This is best environmental protection item because this is made from Anti-microbial material so it is prevent growth of fungus.The company also won the Parent Tested Parent Award,so I highly recommended this Blooming Bath for your Baby Bath.

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Spain EUR 53.17

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