How Small Bonsai Trees Floating In a Pot?

how small bonsai trees floating in a pot?

Small bonsai trees are floating in the air and also rotate 360 degrees of angle automatically ,this is absolutely magical and miracle.But behind the story for floating is using Magnetic suspension, Generally two issues are involved in magnetic levitation one is provide an upward force sufficient to counteract gravity and second issue is stability.This upward force cancel out the weight of the item so that the item does not accelerate downward or accelerate upward and the stability is provided mechanical support to repel each other strongly as a result the item is floating some distance from the base.The same technology is used in the air bonsai pot so that it is levitating.It is very new creative invention method and also perfect for home and office decoration.No doubt this type of floating trees brings modern and artistic look to your living room.

This air bonsai plant is created by Hikaru Hoshi, he lives in japan and send a message all over the world for protecting our planet through this tree.Below video given some valuable information.

Additional information on this item:

  • The set includes the base unit,the pot,an electric adapter.
  • Before watering the plant,you take the pot off the platform otherwise damaged magnet.
  • Put the Base on a flat surface otherwise it cannot levitating.
  • With two hands hold the flower pot tightly and slowly move the pot towards the center of the base.
  • When you feel the force ,release the pot ,then plant stays itself.
  • You can plant any plants you like but your plant weight not more than 200 grams.
  • keep it away from your child below 12 years old.
  • Keep away this item 20 cm distance from other electronic devices.

Buy Online Here:

Country Cost
USA $ 89.99
Canada CDN$ 112.99
Spain EUR 84,99


  • Item Name:Levitating air bonsai plant.
  • Brand: Kitschi.IT
  • Style:Modern
  • Type:Pots
  • Features:Potted
  • USE:Home Decoration
  • Material:Wood
  • Pot Dimensions:8 cm diameter,3.5 cm height
  • Base Dimensions:13.5 cm diameter,2.3 cm height
  • Pot weight:100 g
  • Base Weight:358 g
  • Floating Height:10 mm
  • AC adapter:input 100-240V;Output 15V 1A

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