SoundBub Speaker is put to sleep Your Baby

soundbub speaker is put to sleep your baby

SoundBub Introduction:

Generally children difficulty falling asleep and some children awakening at midnight, so parents facing problems by putting their children to sleep,some parents holding their heads.So Wavhello company introduced SoundBub Bluetooth Speaker,it is given gently calming effect from your child.We know that why music lovers likes floating speakers but this soother speaker customized only for ages newborn to 3 years.

Speaker Settings:

This speaker top has handle so you can easily hang it on car seat,door knob,crib rail or anywhere you would like and it is also stand by itself on any flat surface.Top of the Speaker has ON/OFF button,you can select ON button turns on then activate bellybutton.After activate bellybutton you can hear two White Noise Sounds from this OWL shape speaker,one sound like ocean wave and another type of sound is like rain,these sounds are to help your child to gradually start to sleep, you can easily change these two sounds if you press the bellybutton again.Right side of the speaker having one timer button,this button have four timer options; 30 minutes,60 minutes,90 minutes as well as continuous play,the timer work for both the white noise and the Bluetooth options so you can set a play time as you desire.

Left bottom side of this speaker has volume button so you can adjust volume level either quiet or loud as you want.

You can also play music from your mobile using Bluetooth settings,If you move top side of the ON button to just right side,then activate Bluetooth and ready to connect to your device.Backside of the speaker has micro USB charger,so you can easily recharge battery.

Record and Share Voice Message:

Another great advantage of this speaker is record and share voice messages for your child and each other with Voice Share App.This app also having 12 white noise tracks as well as 4 lullabies so if you download and install it,you can share anywhere these tracks.

Generally children start to cry while their parents away from them, at that time you can play recorded message your child stop crying and he can play with his toys happily,so SoundBub Speaker play vital role for connecting your child to loved ones near and far.It is also useful for reading of their best-loved story from grandma at bedtime.

Finally I said that it is very light weight and portable,it is very convenient in travelling and great gift item for expectant mothers and made with chew-safe materials so it is very safe and easy to use no harm to your baby health,but you need it to run all night just connect the power source.

Product Includes:

  • SoundBub Portable
  • Bluetooth Speaker and soother
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Free Digital Album
  • Voice Share app

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