Take Better Sleep With U-Shaped Pillow

take better sleep with U-Shaped pillow

Somebody fear of sleeping alone at home because they are imagine some fearful events,so U-Shaped Body Pillow solve all your fears.If you have this pillow,you get feel sharing bed with someone else.This pillow wrap your total body.In the winter season children can use as blanket.Somebody has fall in some problems and also creates problems to their sleeping partner at the sleeping time,like tumbling in sleeping and tangled their legs upon others so this pillow very useful for minimize those problems.

This item very useful during pregnancy,generally women face lot of discomforts at the time of pregnancy,especially suffering from back pain,hip pain,leg cramps etc.Doctors advised to women during pregnancy to sleep on left side and put a pillow between legs,so this U-shaped pillow fulfills doctor advises.It is very comfortable to sleep on backside during pregnancy.It is also supports pelvis and belly.This is very suitable,comfortable and encourages expectant mothers to sleep on their side.This is help to reduce swollen legs and feet.After birth this pillow can support both mother and Baby.This is best maternity support pillow forever.

Most of the people,especially women suffering from Fibromyalgia disease,this disease symptoms are deep muscle pain,headaches,disturbed sleep,patients felt pain entire body.Most of the pain arises at neck,hip,head back side,shoulders etc..finally this disease affect your sleep,so many physical therapists recommended this U-shaped design pillow ,this pillow is help to relax your muscles,it is promoting blood flow as a result loosen your tight muscles and get enough sleep.

Somebody suffering from Hypermobility type Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome disease,the symptoms of this disease are joints unstable and joint pain,limb pain may occur early in life,so patients unable to sleep through the night,sleeping is real challenge due to severe joint pain.so I recommended to people who suffering from this disease,this pillow very helpful,comfort and supports your sleep.

Someone suffering from Spinal stenosis disease,it is irritated nerves and disrupt sleep patterns,but www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov given valuable information for better sleeping positions,these are

  • pillow underneath the thighs if sleeping on backside .
  • Put the pillow between the thighs if sleeping on the side
  • Put the pillow under the stomach if sleeping on the stomach.
it is very comfort for all sides sleep.

Somebody suffering from bedsores,it is injury to skin,so elbows,knees,ankles,back of shoulders,heels,hips are most effected,so this soft fiber pillow prevent pressure put on the body and allows patient free to sleep without disturbing.

It is cradle your body from head to toe and filled with fusion fiber,so it is very soft and provide comfortable sleeping surface.This pillow dry very fast than other pillows because this is contain fusion fiber,made with polyester polymer,this type of polymer having high resistance of heat so it can resist high washing and drying temperatures.It is totally hypoallergenic so it causes less allergenic reactions compared to other pillows.Somebody discomfort when breathing,cannot breathe enough well,85% of shortness of breath cases is due to asthma,pneumonia,lung disease,sinusitis,etc so most of the Doctor's recommended hypoallergenic pillow,it is resistant to allergic reaction and prevent breathing problems.

It is comes with a pillow case and zip around the pillow,this is easily removed as well as put back with the help of small zip,it is also machine washable.It is suitable for all age group people.It has multiple uses;for reading books,watching TV,nursing,there is no need of specially designed breast-feeding pillows as well as specially designed pillows for reading and watching TV.This pillow size and length is very large so very helpful for support breast-feeding to your child for a couple of months or couple of years.This large size pillow supports your baby head,shoulders,back and neck.This is also very supportive and comfort for reading books while you are sitting in bed,it has two sectioned long armrests so it is very help to prop up your arms when you read books.

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Country Cost
USA $ 99.95
Canada CDN$ 79.99
Spain EUR 86,00


  • Measurements:Each side is 64" long;Pillow is 10 1/2" thick
  • Comes with:one white 50/50 pillow case
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • shipping weight: 12 lbs
  • Color:White
  • Shape:U
  • Use:neck,bedding,nursing,and sleeping
  • Material:Cotton
  • Filling:Fusion TM Fiberfill
  • Part:Body
  • Features:Hypoallergenic
  • Firmness:Soft
  • Brand:Comfort-U Body Pillow

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