Coolest Cooler Best for Camping

Coolest Cooler


  • 4 cup holders on the right side split lid
  • 85 dB Bluetooth waterproof speaker
  • USB charger
  • Wider Wheels
  • Magnetic Bottle opener
  • Unbreakable,hard plastic Blender
  • Bungee cord
  • LED Lid Light
  • Included accessories are plates,knife,corkscrew,battery charger and cutting Board


  • This unit weight is heavy,it weighs almost 40 lbs
  • The wheels do not freely move in sand
  • Handle is not strong
  • It is expensive

We can eat hot-hot food items or drink something with hot without any hesitation at outdoor parties because we can prepare food or hot soups or tea or coffee with available firewood but not an easy for eating cool ice cream or cool drink at the outside party,of course plenty of portable fridges are available in today market but these are not fully satisfied our needs but if you have coolest cooler,this will solve all your odds and it has nice features so let us discuss about this product.

Coolest Cooler Interior:

The interior space is small but it has 55 quart best ice chest, so you can loaded 10-25 beers,5-6 water bottles and some extra juice boxes and ice.Cooler top of the lid and remaining sides are constructed well, so this well insulated cooler keep drinks cool for a longer time and it can also hold ice all day and overnight and keep ice without fully melted even at 60°-70° day.Cutting board is used as divider between the two sides of wet and dry but if you remove the divider, you will not able to separate water back.

The two split lids do not fitted together,each side open and close individually and ride side of the lid has four cup holders


18 volt removable and rechargeable lithium battery is specially designed for ice crushing blender,it has nice backup,you can blended approximately 10 gallons on a single full charge.If you press the battery indicator button on the back side,you can easily known battery status.Battery compartment has water resistant seal, so it is very safe from all types of liquids.


The blender crushes the ice very effectively and makes drinks with the help of battery.Of course all types of home blenders also makes juices and cool drinks etc..but do not work with battery.You can make hard liquor,juices,milk shakes and more with cool mind and blended well.

Bluetooth Speaker:

The front side of the cooler compartment providing space for speaker and cork screw.The speaker is waterproof and sound is good.It is playing music with a high boss.You can also pair with other speaker up to 30 ft away so I will recommended UE ROLL 2 Bluetooth speaker(waterproof)

The front-side also has built-in bottle opener,so no need of rubber bands,any type of Buckles or has also magnetic power so that catch the bottle caps do not fall on the floor.

USB Charger:

Backside of the unit has built-in water-resistant USB charger so you can charge speaker,your phone,camera or any other device anywhere.

Storage Unit:

One side of the split lid has storage space for plates and ceramic knife and keeps separately.Actually four thick reusable plastic plates are comes with unit so very helpful for serve food at party time and knife is very sharp so cut vegetables,lemons,onions etc..,very effectively.

LED Light:

one other side the split lid has small LED lid,so it is light up the interior of the cooler at night time and you can easily find out what type of items put in inside of the cooler.


The Wheel measurements are 3 inches wide and 6 inches tall, so that it can easily rolling all types of soils except sandy.

Bungee Cord:

You can packed entire your luggage such as outdoor chairs,blankets,towels and more with bungee cord and it hold very tightly.

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Coolest Cooler is more preferable for outings,picnics,boat ride,tailgating,festivals,backyard parties and more.It is very sturdy so no damage if you dropped it unintentionally.It is best beverage cooler and designed for multi purpose.

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