Dry Brushing improve blood circulation and skin smoothness.

Dry Brushing

Actually skin plays vital role in protects the body against pathogens,prevent loss of water,synthesis of vitamin D etc.,and also skin is very sensitive part in our body, so without take proper precautions your skin may effect by different diseases and allergies.In that way everybody wants to glowness of their skin,so that they take lots of precautions,use different cosmotics and take healthy food,along with many beauticians suggest to dry brushing body technique.

Benefits of Dry Brushing:

  • Generally we know that skin has many types, such as normal skin,dry skin,ageing skin,oily skin etc,.Sometimes these skin types prone to different diseases,especially oily skin buildup of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin and have visible pores everywhere.So if you use Body brush it will improve your skin glowness,this brush remove oldest dead skin cells on the skin's outermost surface and also to help good blood circulation throughout your body.
  • generally we seen obesity persons or during pregnancy abdomen is expanded,so some stripes are appeared on their abdomen,so this brush easily get rid of stretch marks.
  • Excessive fat appeared on buttocks,lower limbs,abdomen and thighs,this over fat especially occurred in most postpubescent females.So this brush very helpful for reduce deposits of excessive fat.
  • Improve lymphatic system:Actually lymphatic system plays important role in our body, such as
    1. remove waste products
    2. improve digestive system
    3. transport white blood cells from the lymph nodes into the bones.
    4. Boost your immune system.So exfoliating body brush is very essential.
  • According to wikiHow use long-handled brush and you should begins dry brushing from the bottom of your body and moves towards the heart.This is very helpful for increase blood circulation to the heart and remove unwanted toxins from the body.
  • Remove ingrown hair:Ingrown hair appears anywhere in our body but mostly appeared in beard,legs,pubic region.Some women face problems with ingrown hair,some women have moustache,so they feel inferiority and do not talk freely with their neighbours and do not participate in any event.So this brush remove ingrown hair.


Dry brushing has so many benefits but you should follow some instructions.These are:

  • This technique not perfect for regular use because it may cause skin irritation
  • In this process dead skin cells are removed,but if you have young age there is not required to use this technique because dead skin cells on the young age persons body automatically fall away.
  • Some people suffering from skin diseases,so such type of people should avoid dry brushing.
  • Dry brushing is perfect in the morning,before shower.
  • You should use both long size and small size brush because long size brush useful for easily access hard areas of backside of your body and small size brush useful for sensitive areas of the body such as face,breast,chin,neck,etc,.


Dry brushing body technique is a trendy technique for removal of toxic substances and 100% natural,organic and also cruelty free.It is useful for just like body massage and finally retain skin smoothness.

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