Have a great fun with Giant Soccer Ball

gigantic soccer ball

Giant soccer ball details:

We seen many balls like cricket ball,football,tennis ball,etc,. and these balls size is very small but gigantic soccer ball size is very large and this is also inflatable.It is very strange to see because this ball size is 6 feet,I think it's height equal to your compound wall.It is perfect for all outdoor activities such as beach,swimming pool,parks,picnics,etc,.

How to filled air:

Filling of air very easy through your mouth but company given clear instructions to people who suffer from breathing complications and lung disease must use an electronic pump for inflammation.Inflate and deflate of this over sized inflatable ball is very easy so this ball easily kept in your home after deflate and also not occupy large space after removing air.

Suitable age:

Company recommended age for playing with this ball is 15 years and up


It is made with 0.3 cm black and white Vinyl,so quality of this item is very nice and durability is excellent.

If you have any business,this is very useful to you and promote your business because this huge size attracts to customers,so I suggest to you keep it in front of your store.

Company also providing patch repair kit along with ball,so you can buy it and enjoy throughout the day.

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Country Cost
USA $ 119.99
Canada CDN$ 129.99
Spain EUR 264.29

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