Lipstick is a beautiful adorn on women lips,now a days lipstick comes with latest trends and available in different varieties with different colors and shades.Most famous varieties are moisturizer,satin,matte,sheer,cream,frosted,etc,.and coming to shades available in peach,pink,coral,red,fuchsia etc,.Lipstick keeping lips with good looking and also protect from UV rays.So women's choose SPF type lipsticks,this is very safe and prevent side effects.

Ancient people believe that lipstick to show their social status rather than gender but today generation of girls said that it is more fashionable makeup item.

Some interesting points about on Lipstick:

  • About 5,000 years ago ancient sumerian men and women were first invent and wear lipstick.
  • Women in the ancient indus valley civilization worn red lipstick for their lips for face decoration.
  • In Australia,aboriginal girls would paint their mouths red with ocher for puberty rituals.
  • The first commercial lipstick invented in 1884
  • In 1915,lipstick was sold in cylinder metal containers
  • During the second world war metal lipstick tubes were replaced by plastic and paper tubes because some of the ingredients of lipstick were unavailable.
  • In 1930,parents discourage to their teenage girls worn lipstick because they believed that it was associated with prostitution
  • In 1950,actresses Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor use red lipstick and in a short span of time lipstick gained popular acceptance.Today everyone believe that lipstick associated with prostitution lacking in originality.

Lipstick Trends:

  • Dark red lipstick popular in 1920s
  • At the end of the 1950s very popular lipsticks are lavender,pale pink,white and peach.
  • White lipstick very popular in the 1960s
  • In the 1970s many cosmetic companies introduced different colours such as iridescent light blue,frosted lime green,navy blue
  • Black lipstick became popular in the late 1970s and into the 1990s
  • In the mid 1980s,mood lipstick introduced,this type of lipstick changes colours after it is applied,based on changes in skin's pH that supposedly reflect the wearer's mood
  • In the 1990s,lipstick colours became semi-matte.Shades of brown very popular.
  • In 2012,bright bold lip colours became popular with saturated colours such as hot pink,neon,and orange.
  • In 2014 and 2015 nude lipsticks very popular
  • In 2016 liquid lipstick became popularised.


Lipstick contains oils,wax,antioxidants and emollients.Lipsticks may be made from several waxes such as beeswax, OZOkerite, and candelilla wax.Various oils, and fats are used in lipsticks, such as olive oil, mineral oil, cocoa butter, lanolin, and petrolatum.Lipsticks get color from a variety of pigments and lake dyes.Pink lipsticks are made by mixing colourless titanium dioxide and red shades.

matte lipsticks contain silica, creme lipsticks contain more waxes than oils.Sheer and long lasting lipsticks contain more oil,while long lasting lipsticks also contain silicone oil.Glossy lipstick contain more oil.

Shimmery or frost lipstick may contain mica,silica and synthetic pearl particles, such as bismuth oxychloride.

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