UE ROLL 2 Bluetooth Speaker (Waterproof) play Music in Water

UE ROLL 2 wireless portable Bluetooth speaker (waterproof) Pros:

  • Nice sound quality
  • Waterproof
  • Wireless
  • Light Weight
  • bungee attachment


  • Expensive
  • unable to skip songs from speaker
  • Battery life just 9 hours

Design of UE ROLL 2 Bluetooth Speaker:

The front side of the speaker given two red color + and - buttons,so you can easily increase or decrease sound.Backside of the speaker have one bungee cord, micro USB port for charging and Auxiliary cable port.Power button also given backside of the speaker.Under the power button, the Bluetooth connect button is there.Dimensions of the speaker is 5.3 inch height,1.6 inch width,5.3 inch length.Weight of the speaker is 330 grams.Floatie is given,so it can be floated in the water and play uninterrupted music.This speaker available in five different colours, such as Atmosphere(blue),Reef,Sugarplum(purple),Volcano(black) and Tropical anime

Sound Quality:

UE ROLL 2 portable Bluetooth speaker sound quality is awesome.Some time ago Ultimate Ears company introduced UE ROLL speaker but this new UE Roll 2 waterproof speaker sound is louder than previous invention.You can hear sound from this speaker up to 85dBA and frequency range from 108HZ to 20kHz.


It is very light weight,just 330 grams that fits in your hand, so you can easily carry wherever you go and back side stretchable bungee cord is available so you can strap the speaker to your bike,backpack,kayak etc,.


The International Electrotechnical Commission given IPX7 rating so you can immersed this UE ROLL 2 in water up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.This means that you can use it in rain or washing, speaker will not damage but if you use it in swimming pool in a long time,it would be damaged.You should clean your UE ROLL 2 with fresh water after using it in a pool or ocean,otherwise the chemicals and salt in the pool or ocean can damage waterproof seal.

Bluetooth Range:

Wireless range up to 100 feet and increase more than 50% from original UE Roll.You can easily setup this speaker to your mobile,tablet or other device through Bluetooth option.If you press power button, the speaker will turn on and under the power button the Bluetooth connect button blinking rapidly,it indicates speaker is ready to pair,once paired and connected,you will listen music from speaker.

UE ROLL 2 can store up to eight paired devices but you can only maintain with two of them at a time.You can also connect your UE ROLL 2 speaker with your computer but your computer should have Bluetooth capabilities.

About the UE ROLL App:

UE Roll 2 App can download iOS device users from Apple store and android device users from Google play store.This app have multiple features,these are:

1.Double up Mode:If you have two UE ROLL 2 speakers or second speaker belongs to Ultimate Ears company such as UE BOOM or UE MEGA BOOM,you can easily double up using app.Use the app you can easily choose stereo or Double sound from Double mode.

2.Alarm:Use the app you can setup alarm with your favorite songs,spotify playlists, pandora stations and more.This alarm brings last night party movements in the morning.You can also set alarm to repeat daily by selecting "Daily Repeat" in the app alarm settings, but you do not set multiple alarms for the same day.

You can easily turn the alarm off or snooze from your mobile or from your speaker.Snooze will delay the alarm by 10 minutes.If you don't snooze or turn your alarm off, your music will continue to play for an hour.After 1 hour, the alarm will automatically turn off.If you snooze your alarm, it will play for an hour from the last snooze.If you close the app, alarm still work but first you have to do set the alarm.You do not use alarm in Double up mode.If your UE ROLL 2 battery life is gone, A backup alarm will play on your phone or tablet.

3.Equalizer:This app has five band equalizer option so you can set sound either standard mode or Bass as you like it.

4.Remote Control:This app also act as a remote control so you can control to power your UE ROLL ON/OFF from afar.

5.Settings:You can personalize your UE ROLL's name, language,alert sounds,Double up lock, messages and more through the app.


UE ROLL App Screen shot
The above diagram you can see below right side "More" option, so you can get over-the-air-updates from here and the app will take care of the rest.

7.About Block Party:

In the Block party you and your friends play DJ songs from this app.In this event play music from three Bluetooth devices at the same time.You can easily ADD or remove friend and also skip your friend's song.

Battery life:

Rechargeable lithium-Ion battery full charging time is 5 hrs.30 minutes.You can expect playtime is up to 9 hours from one full charge but overall playtime depends on volume level and environmental conditions.You can easily check your speaker battery percentage in two methods:One is press the both large sized volume up(+) and down(-) buttons on the front side of the speaker simultaneously ,the speaker tell you remaining battery percentage.The Second method is open the app, underneath the on-screen, the battery meter is displayed the remaining battery percentage.You can also charge and play at the same time.

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UE ROLL 2 Specifications:

  • Brand:Ultimate Ears
  • Colour:Atmosphere(blue)
  • Size:Portable
  • Battery Type:Lithium Ion
  • Connector type:Bluetooth,Auxiliary port
  • Compatible Devices:Android mobiles,Apple mobiles and other devices.
  • Accessories Included:UE ROLL 2,micro USB cable,The Floatie.
  • Power Type:Rechargeable Batteries.
  • Features:Wireless


I don't know why music lovers likes floating speakers because this UE ROLL 2 Bluetooth speaker is also flaot in water with included floatie item and this speaker has also great features such as clear,big and louder sound,awesome app features and moreover very light weight,waterproof and highly durable, so I highly recommended to all music lovers to get this one.

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