Char-Broil Big easy smoker,Roaster & Grill cook nice food

char-broil big easy smoker,roaster & grill

Are you interested to roast the meat? or are you wanted to grilling nicely for any food item? or are you wanted to add some flavor for your food through smoking? ok,well.Come here we will checkout complete details of the char-broil big easy TRU-infrared smoker,roaster and grill


  • Customer support is excellent
  • Easy to use and clean after use
  • No flare-ups during grilling
  • Using less amount of propane
  • No fuss and mess
  • It has sturdy and cool touch handles so you cannot get burning sensation
  • Most of the users said that it saves some amount of money because no need for oil or charcoal
  • It can allows you smoker,roaster and grill
  • Backside bottom of the unit has grease tray so it will catch all of the food drippings
  • You can roast 4 large pieces at the same time in the cooking chamber
  • The cooking chamber inside has large volume
  • When you do roasting,there are no need of forks and spit rod for controlling sudden outburst of blaze
  • Temperature control is very easy using front side left end knob


  • Assembling the unit is not an easy,it will take 30 to 40 minutes to setup
  • It has no wheels at the bottom so difficult to move
  • You must have buy meat thermometer separately.
  • If you do not care proper maintenance, it will become rusty.
  • Leg racks not provided so difficult to make drumsticks and wings and also separately buy cedar planks for grilling fish
  • Outdoor and household use only not suitable for indoor and commercial
  • It is a little awkward to carry
  • The grilling surface area is small
  • The unit legs are not so strong so don't drag it.

Features of Char-Broil Big easy Smoker,roaster & Grill:

  1. Evenly cook the meat in the cooking chamber without drying.
  2. It is perfect for cooking beef,chicken,pork,hot dogs,steaks,hamburgers and more.
  3. No need for using oil so it is facilitate you healthiest ways to cook food
  4. You can be cooking sliced potatoes and corn using half racks.
  5. It is working with infrared cooking system, so it is remove hot and cold spots and creates even heat across the grill surface.
  6. The cooking surface height is 27 inches tall without the lid height.
  7. The maximum size of Turkey can cook up to 25 pounds.
  8. The highest setting temperature is 616°F and the lowest setting is 200°F
  9. The chicken skin is turn into brown but not to burn and without loss calories.
  10. You can grilling smaller foods as well as Fatty foods.
  11. Smoker box,roaster and grill grate are made with stainless steel and roasting basket and two half racks are made with chrome plated wire.
  12. Porcelain-coated hood

Tips for easy cooking:

  • Please close the lid during the cook otherwise it will left some portion of food not cooked.
  • You cannot do grill and roasting at the same time because it may negatively impact on your cooking food
  • Do not fill too much of wood chips or pellets,you must leave some gap in the smoker box otherwise it will take 15 minutes for smoke emitting.
  • If you placed food top in the cooking basket, it will be exposed to more smoke and cook faster.
  • You should always set control knob at "HIGH" for cooking, pre-heating or cleaning and set "LOW" when you use smoke for food stuffs.
  • Before grilling if you rub the gates with vegetable oil,meat will not sticking.
  • If you use wood pellets instead of wood chips in smoker box it will smoke easier and longer.
  • Don't immersing the wood chips in water.
  • Placed the turkey inside the basket with the breast up and the legs down.
  • If you use this unit more and more times, it will cook more better and works well.

How to smoke the food:

First fill the smoker box 3/4 part with wood chips or pellets and fitted inside hole of the Big easy after that ignite the gas and set the temperature to "HIGH" and close the lid.The wood chips gradually heat up after 5 to 10 minutes smoke will emitted.When you notice the smoke come out side then set the temperature to "LOW".Just remember you should always set "LOW" at the time of smoking process otherwise wood chips or pellets burn very fast and large amount of smoke will escape around the edges of the smoker box.

When the smoke begin to emit you just placed the food on the cooking basket as you like to smoke.You can placed your desired food either in the bottom of the basket or closer to the top using the cooking racks but my advise is put your food higher in the cooking basket because it will get more smoke and also cook faster.Finally your food come out with great flavor.

How Roasting the food:

Before roasting you must wipe the inside of the chamber with peanut oil and start the unit and let it burn until the oil burns off,now the cooking chamber turn into dark brown or bronze color.Now the big easy ready for roasting.

The big easy TRU-infrared unit assist you for roasting very simple,there is no need to balance of your food and no fear to face flare-ups during cooking and also no need to pre-heating.Just place your desire food inside the basket turn to "HIGH" setting and ignite the burner then close the lid.After some time your food turn browns,open the lid and lifted out your item.Inside of the meat having excellent tender and juicy as well as outside nice crispy.You can easily roast 25 pound turkey into the rotating basket.

How to Grill the Food:

You know philips indoor grill is excellent unit but not suitable for grilling smaller foods because that can dripping into tray,sometimes flare-ups occurring in the same way working other traditional outdoor grills but the big easy grill eliminates any sudden blazes from dripping grease because heat produced through infrared cycle.

You can easily grilling various food items such as chops,wings,steaks,vegetables and more and also get beautiful grilling marks.

You can be grilled food either the lid open or closed and the temperature setting either on high or low but you should remember before placing food on the grate,you must preheat the unit on "High" for 15 minutes with the lid closed.You can also be used wood chips or pellets inside the smoker box at the time of grilling.

You must remove the cooking basket when you grilling food because increase the life of the basket and also do not place food in the basket while grilling any food item.

How much time take for cooking food:

Cook time completely depends on outdoor weather conditions,in cold or high windy conditions it will take longer however turkey will takes 10 minutes per pound,15 minutes per pound for chicken,and 30 minutes per pound for pork or beef roasts.

How to clean:

Actually after each use some food residue sticks on the cooking basket or some food debris left inside the cooking chamber so first close the lid and burn off 15 minutes on "High" or until the smoke was gone after that allowing the unit cooled and then used a grill brush to clean cook chamber,grilling grate,cooking basket and half racks.After finishing the cleaning process these items can be washed in a sink of course these are dishwasher safe but grease tray has a painted finish so it is not dishwasher safe so it can be cleaned with soapy water.After washing and drying just apply light coat of cooking spray onto the coking chamber it will protect against rusting and finally cover the entire unit to make it last longer and looks new.

Items Included:

  • Cooking chamber
  • Cooking Basket.
  • Drip Pan.
  • Two half racks.
  • Smoker Box.
  • Recipe Book.
  • Assembling instructions and operating guide.

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  • Brand: Char-Broil
  • Color:Black.
  • Fuel Type:Propane
  • Dimensions:23.4 W(in) X 23.1 D(in) X 36.2 H(in)
  • BTU: 9000-18000 BTU.
  • Condition:New
  • Cooking System:TRU-Infrared.
  • Weight:62 lbs
  • Warranty:1 year
  • Material Type:Stainless Steel
  • Style Name:Grill


Char-Broil the Big easy TRU-Infrared smoker,roaster and grill unit provided recipe book so you can cook various veg and non-veg items such as fried turkey,rotisserie chicken,cornish hens,russet potatoes,corn and more with deliciously.The whole cooking process and temperature settings all are clearly mentioned in this book.You can also get manual so they are given complete instructions for assembling the unit and precautions so have this unit and enjoy with your well wishers and family members.

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