Morphy Richards 3-in-1 Digital Jug Scales has Multiuse

morphy richards 3-in-1 digital jug scales

Somebody wanted to bake or cook on various items but they don't know how much amount of ingredients are added and how to mix all these ingredients.

Somebody follow exact tips for making food but they are using many kitchen utensils for adding and mixing ingredients.So I suggest morphy richards 3-in-1 1500L digital jug scales to people who have showing intense for cooking food items.

Features Of morphy richards 3-in-1 digital jug scales:

  1. No need to measure all ingredients individually.For example if you want to make cake,it will needs two main items such as sugar and flour so first pour and weigh sugar in the bowl after that set zero the scales with tare function whilst sugar still in the bowl and then pour and weigh the flour,so there is no need for several bowls and no need to detach the bowl from the scale during mix and add further ingredients and also no need for clean the bowl each time adding ingredients.
  2. The digital jug can measures gram,cups,ml,lbs and OZs.You can weigh maximum weight up to 5kg.It can be accurately measure all of your ingredients.
  3. Attached bowl and scales are very useful to you and you can weigh both solid and liquids and also it can allows you any item mixing and pouring.
  4. Measurements already printed inside the bowl so you can easily find out the liquids volume.
  5. This is measure exactly how much amount of liquid or solid material is required for making recipe.
  6. You can use many ways with one scale such as to weigh,measure,mix and serve.
  7. You can also be used as jug,Bowl and mixing bowl for your convenience.
  8. You can easily separate the bowl from digital handle,just press the quick click lock button it will detach and the bowl made with stainless steel so dishwasher safe but the scale part is not suitable so wipe with soft cloth only.
  9. It is working with 2AAA batteries(not included) and battery life is excellent because it has auto ON/OFF function so enables to save the power.
  10. It is available in three colors such as red,white and black.
  11. This unit total weight is 862g and also very portable so not occupy large space in your kitchen wardrobe.
  12. You can also weigh below 1gram level of item weight.
  13. It is very light weight and small so easy to carry anywhere and very helpful for outdoor picnics.
  14. Item Dimensions are:12cm H X 29cm W X 21.3cm D.

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Without doubt I told you if you use this electronic kitchen scales, you will create delicious food for all of your family.This unit very helpful for people who do not have expertise in cooking.

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