Munchkin Cradle Tub clean Baby with clean water

cradle tub

Some parents hold their babies in arms for bathing but it is not a easy thing sometimes kid can slip from hands,so if you try munchkin cradle tub, you can easily bathing your baby safely without any trouble.lets have a look about this item.

Features of Munchkin cradle Tub:

  • It is specially designed for 0-6 months babies.
  • it is two pieces innovative baby bath tub fitted together,both top and bottom pieces are so easy to disassemble and assemble.
  • Top side bath seat has a soft non-slip mesh type silicone rubber so your baby feel more comfortable during bath time.
  • Top side piece designed with high, secure side walls and Non-slip feet help baby not falling and slip and ensure baby stays in place.
  • The contoured shape headrest to allow your baby to lay back and makes easy for hair washing
  • the entire product design has a little slop so it keeps safely your baby head and ears from bath water.
  • The slop position provide memorable moments to you during bath that is your baby can see your face when you wash his/her head,ears,hands and face, it is really great experience at that time.
  • The bottom piece has drained tap so dirty water and pee flow out freely from the drain area during bath time.
  • You can also use only top piece without bottom piece because water can also slip into sink from mesh type rubber.
  • No doubt your baby feel better and more relax throughout bathing,Of course Blooming Bath keep baby happy during bath time but very hard to dry after use.So Munchkin tub facilitate to you easy to clean and dry and there is no problem arise with mold or mildew.
  • It has two minor drawbacks;one is you can put a little bit effort for push or pull the drain plug and other one is you cannot able to hang or fold it,so it will occupy some floor space.
  • However it is high durability and I bet you it should be exceed your expectations.


  1. Brand: Munchkin
  2. Item Name: cradle tub
  3. Colour:Green
  4. Gender:Unisex
  5. Other features: non-stick design,clean water reservoir
  6. Cleaning:wipe clean with a dry cloth
  7. Material:Plastic
  8. Dimensions:24.75"L X 14.5"W X 8"H
  9. Conditions:Brand New
  10. Variations:available in three colours;Pink,Blue,Green.
  11. Certifications:Meets ASTM and CPSC standards.

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