Philips Indoor grill making Food Smokeless

philips indoor infrared smokeless grill

Many apartments have smoke detectors, so not permitted to you using grills,it is truly frustrated and disappointed to you but if you had philips indoor grill, you can use in your house freely without hesitation because it is 85% smoke-free device.


  • Smokeless
  • Working with infrared heat technology
  • There is no temperature fluctuations
  • No need to adjust temperature settings
  • Less messy spattering
  • Excess fat is collected on grease tray
  • Provide recipe book
  • Easy to use and clean
  • It has polarized plug so reduce the risk of electric shock.


  • It is very large size,so it has occupy some large space
  • Red color heat comes from two infrared lights,so hard to see if the meat is cooked fully or partially
  • Indoor and household use only,not suitable for hotels,motels,offices,farms etc.
  • Wet meat not cook well,so dry it first
  • Not suitable for grilling Breadcrumbed food
  • Expensive

Features of Philips Indoor grill

  1. It will keep your food warm with keep warm function
  2. Installation is so easy,within a minute to assemble both grid and grease tray
  3. It is best infrared electric grill for veggies,lamb chops,hamburgers,toasting buns,shrimp etc.
  4. The grill has large surface area so you can cooked 2 to 4 big steaks on it.
  5. The aluminium based grid makes perfect grilled food

Cooking Style:

Typically most of the traditional gas grill or charcol grill allows 300°F temperature for browned the meat in case you can cook at 500°F, it will become burned but this infrared grill perfect browning meat at the temperature level of 450°F because the best quality of this unit is there is no temperature changes arise and also there is no sudden outburst of flames as a result your food not burnt and well toasted.The constant heat maintain entire cooking process and working nicely for searing meat as well as other food items while keeping the tasty,juicy and flavorful of the food inside.However the grilling time depends on the thickness and size of the food.

You can nicely grilling steaks,burgers and chops with barbecue grid but before grilling you should preheat for 6 to 10 minutes the BBQ grid and do not close ventilation openings otherwise smoke is emitted during grilling.You can also hear the sizzling sound during the grilling.

The grilling grid useful for grilling fish,vegetables and fruit without need to preheat.

Why smoke is emitted at the time of grilling?

There are three reasons for produce smoke; these are:

  1. If you grill fatty ingredients such as bacon or pork belly,some of the fat will spatter onto the sides of the grilling and burn.So you should use the unit near ventilation openings and do not expose high temperatures or do not cook near any hot surfaces.
  2. You are using this unit many times but do not take proper cleaning the drip tray and the grid after each use.So you should clean the both grid and drip tray with paper towel after each use.
  3. You are adding a lot of oil for marinate your food, it may cause smoke and burning fat so you should always use small amount of oil.

Cleaning Process:

Both grill and BBQ are non-stick so easy to clean,it takes just a minute to be cleaned and moreover the detachable parts are dishwasher safe.However some food residue sticks on the inside walls of the base so it can be removed by using ceramic scraper and this residue collected below grease tray,and then immersing the grid and the drip tray in hot water with dish soap for 5-7 minutes,this loosens any caked food or grease after that clean with a soft cloth or sponge in hot water.After cleaning dry them and clean the base just with a soft cloth.

Note:Before cleaning you should put aside the entire unit because it is too hot and takes 30 minutes to cool down.

Items Included:

  • Grilling Grid
  • Barbecue grid
  • Base
  • Drip tray
  • Power Cord
  • Recipe book


Before using this unit you must follow the below tips for how to use and care.These are:

  • Don't cut into small pieces because food falls into the drip tray.
  • It has almost 446°F(230°C) temperature so do not touch hot surfaces directly.Use handles or knobs.Always use oven pads or mitts when handling hot material
  • Keep away your children from this unit
  • Do not store or place it on near hot gas or electric burner,stove or cooker or in a heated oven
  • Do not pour any liquids(e.g. beer,brandy or water etc.) onto the grill or drip tray,as this could cause a fire.
  • Do not get closer cooking utensils when the grid is hot
  • You must check the grid,drip tray and the outside of base are clean and dry before switch on the appliance.
  • You must clean the unit after each use.
  • Do not put any food or objects on the drip tray and top of the grill before you switch on the unit.
  • Do not place food directly on the heating element,you only put on grill.
  • Never use this unit without the grid and drip tray
  • Do not use metal,sharp kitchen utensils to place or remove the food from grid,use only either spatula or a pair of tongs.

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  1. Brand:Philips
  2. Power:1600 W
  3. Voltage:120 V
  4. Color:Black
  5. weight:5.6 kg
  6. Grill measures:19 3/4" wide x 14 1/2"deep x 5 1/2"high
  7. Warranty:1 year
  8. Functions:grilling


The innovative design of philips indoor grill is 85% smoke free and infrared heat help grill all sides of the food evenly and also provide beautiful grill marks so I highly recommended this unit.

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