Ultrasonic Cleaner to clean Jewelry and Daily Usage Items

ultrasonic cleaner

Generally we clean our daily usage items in a traditional way but these are not cleaned perfectly and also leave some traces of rough extracts in hard places in our item and moreover some items are very expensive and difficult to clean with normal cleaners but Ultrasonic Cleaners do good job without any damage, so I will tell you greatness of this item.


  • No need of the device components to be disassembled at the time of cleaning.
  • no need of any types of chemicals,distilled or filtered water
  • very effectively removes traces of surface dirt,dust and grime
  • when you close the lid,it will done total operation with audible noise
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Very cute and soft buttons
  • Auto shut off


  • Time settings are already pre-programmed so we cannot set desirable time
  • Sometimes onetime of cleaning is not sufficient for removing tarter but if you repeat,it will clean them
  • Most of the unit made with plastic,so you should handle with care in travelling

Design Of The Ultrasonic Cleaner:

Top side transparent view lid attached to this unit.Front-side one digital timer display is given,below the timer display provided three buttons; left-side "ON" button,right-side "OFF" button and middle button is "Set" button.You can simply choose five pre-programmed time settings with SET button.The available time options are 80 s,280 s,380 s,480 s or 90 seconds.The maximum timer setting is 8 minutes, I think it will enough for cleansing small items.Backside has standard electric plug.The stainless steel cleaning tank capacity is 600 ml and it's exterior dimensions are 15 cm X 20 cm X 15 cm (l X w X h).Inside the tank have water surface marks so you can pour water up to desired level.It has 50 watt input power.It is very simple, safe and easy to maintain and also light weight.


  • remove hectic and tedious particles through Ultrasonic technology
  • It's working frequency is 42,000 Hz
  • Tank capacity is 600 ml
  • Using cleaning power is 35 watt
  • working up to 220 voltage
  • Rubber,plastics,Metals,glass,ceramics etc.,to be cleaned

How to Work:

ultrasonic cleaners produces cavitation bubbles,these bubbles collapse violently inward of the tank in short span of time.This constant implosion bubbles penetrate blind holes,cracks and recesses to agitate a liquid.This agitation produces high forces on contaminants adhering to objects,finally remove all traces of unwanted particles from objects.

This unit working with ordinary tap water but plain water not to be effective, so if you use solvent appropriate for the item to be cleaned,it will reduce surface tension and increase cavitation in solutions so easy to clean hard-to-reach areas.The cleaning time depending on the object to be cleaned

Cleaning Objects:

  1. Precious Item:Jewelry is used for different purposes and it is denotes their social status so people worn different types of ornaments such as rings, necklaces, bracelets,Bangles,earrings etc.Most of the women liked Brooches because they believe and said that saree pin brooch hold your garments tightly.

    So you should take proper cleaning methods for protect your precious item from dirt and grime, otherwise tarnish will built-up and it will remove the shiny of your jewelry and sometimes bacteria also grown,it may leads to skin diseases.So that if you use this sonic cleaner, it will very beneficial to you.

  2. Sunglasses:Basically sunglasses as a visual aid,to protect our eyes from harmful UV rays.It is very popular item from celebrities to common man and from Adults to children.Some particular shapes of sunglasses like stylish Dior split sunglasses for women, aviator, Teashades etc very famous and most fashionable accessories.So before you wear it,you should take special care for maintenance of these lenses.

    But somebody follow unacceptable methods for cleaning such as rubbed with their rough t-shirt or using tissue paper etc,it may leads to scratch the coating on lenses.Somebody spit on their lenses,it is not hygienic.So this unit very helpful to you that remove surface dust,dirt and debris completely, it will wash both sides of lenses and frames gently.Another greatness of this cleaner is using only tap water,this is not too hot or too cold, so it is most preferable for cleaning of sunglasses.

  3. Razor Blades:Most of the people throw away their razors because these items made with metal so after some days it will become rusty.But you can use your blades for a longer time when you use this cleaner.You just put your razor in the interior basket,plug on the ultrasonic,it will remove rust easily.
  4. Antique Objects:Somebody very interested to collect antique metals and coins but gems,fungus,dirt etc stick to these coins over the years so I suggested this unit those who had habit of collecting precious and memorable old items.It is remove all dust particles and retain item originality
  5. Some people use teeth retainer for get their teeth into better positions and for improve oral health but usually bacteria grows on the surfaces of the retainer.So if they do not clean regularly, it will cause tooth decay and gum disease.So many scientific research institutes suggest that ultrasonic cleaner is best for removing tarter and keep your retainer bacteria-free for longer time.
  6. Watches:Generally cleaning of watches are very difficult in a normal way but in this method very easy because watch holder do not allow water into the watch.You can clean any type band like metal,leather or stainless steel,you just add mild soap into tap water for metal type watch or if you use leather type watch add white vinegar instead of soap.This unit completely remove dirt,grime and skin oils from watch.
  7. This unit cleaning not only above objects but also cleaning money coins,small tools,electronic parts,key chains,portable firearms,fishing reels and more.


  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Mini Screwdriver
  • Plastic Basket
  • Watch Holder
  • Manual

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The Ultrasonic Cleaner overall functionality is excellent, the material quality is nice and it's egg-shape material well made and very cute.It is distraction free and degassing-free electronic machine and finally I said that it is best small item cleaner and well worth money.

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