Blooming Bath & Munchkin Cradle Tub Comparison:

blooming bath & munchkin cradle tub comparision

Generally parents buying various company bathing tubs,but some tubs not work well in the same sense your are losing your time and money so here I will try to given some useful information between these two items.Actually Blooming Bath keep baby happy during bath time in the same way Munchkin cradle tub anyhow let us come we will compare full details between two products.

Comparison between Blooming bath and Munchkin cradle tub:

Comparison Munchkin Cradle Tub Blooming Bath
Infant Age 0-6 months 1 year
Gender Unisex Unisex
Easy to setup? Yes Yes
Slippery? No No
Soft Padded? Yes Yes
Cushion Smell? No If you not dry well smell may be comes out
Mold or Mildew NO Some times grow because difficult to dry it
Water Drains out Yes It is does not hold water
Materials are made with: Plastic Soft and quality plush polyester
Is it my child safe & secure? High side walls protect to your baby Long size petals protect baby for a safe
Is it suitable to every sink? No.Your sink should longer than below mentioned dimensions. Yes.It can fit.
What is the desired water temperature? Water temperature should maintain between 32° & 37° This is also maintain approximately same temperature.
How wring out the excess water? Through Drain plug and very easy to expel First folding the petals over the center of the bath and pushing the water down and out.
Pee flow out freely? Yes No.Because sponge soaks up pee,snot,spit up etc..
Is it machine washable? No need to wash in a machine yes.It is safe
Easy to Clean & Dry? Yes Not an easy for drying
Is it foldable? No Yes
Is it occupy lot of space in my room? Of course because we cannot fold it. No way.
Can I include a gift message with my order? No Yes
Dimensions: 25 inches long,15 inches wide and 8.5 inches depth 32 inches from tip to tip and baby's bottom rests is 10 inches across in diameter.
Supporting weight: 25 pounds It's depend on your sink weight.
Warranty: 1 year limited manufacturer warranty 1 month limited manufacturer warranty
Is it Meets ASTM and CPSC Standards? YES YES


Actually both of the Blooming Bath and Munchkin cradle tub are excellent products,most of the parents buying these two items frequently so I given some valuable information,if you like this review please share it.

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