Virat Kohli drinks Evian Water for better health

Evian water bottle

We are all known the common fact that water play key role in our body health and help to easily digest food and regulates body temperature with in safe range and moreover reduce body weight,cleans up the toxins in our body,increase skin glowness and more.But most of the water is not suitable because it has contain more unwanted minerals, salts and most of the areas people drink tap water but all the time,it is not safe because sometimes it is contaminated that causes illness, so here I will introduce Evian water bottle, first we discuss the mineral content in the bottle:

Overall Mineral Contents in Evian Water Bottle:

Mineral mg/l
Sodium 6.5
Potassium 1
Calcium 80
Magnesium 26
Chlorides 6.8
Nitrates 3.7
Bicarbonates 360
Sulfates 12.6
pH 7.2
Silica 15
Fluorides 0

Sodium plays important role for contraction and relaxation of muscles, prevent muscle fatigue and memory loss however overdose creates some health problems such as increase blood pressure, it may leads to heart attack so according to FDA guidelines it should not exceed more than 2300 mg per day but this bottle contain only 6.5 mg/l so it is very helpful for our nervous system and blood regulation.The optimum level of sodium prevent sunstroke and help to well working brain.

Calcium is very important for all age and gender group people, it is very essential for infants for growing bone and teeth and maintain strength of bones in old age life.If anybody has calcium deficiency may lead to rickets and poor blood clotting,especially women at the time of menopausal suffering from osteoporosis disease.So we should always need 700 to 1000 mg calcium so it is provide 80 mg/l.

Magnesium very important for formation of energy and protein and keeps the heart beat steady and prevent loss of appetite,insomnia and increased ability to learn but too much intake of this mineral causes serious trouble to our health so many research institutes recommended that 30 to 420 mg/day so this water bottle contains 26 mg/l.

Chloride is a electrolyte present in the stomach in the form of HCL, this acid mixed with food, kills bacteria present in food and also help to break down large molecules into smaller ones,these can be absorbed by the small intestine and finally digested food serve energy throughout body.So our scientists recommended every human being must intake of 8 to 9 mg per kg of body weight otherwise it causes excessive sweating,breathing difficulties,dizziness etc..,but just remember either low or overdose of chloride is also not perfect to our body so this one contain optimum level.

Nitrates are very useful for reduce hypertension and more beneficial to good cardiovascular health, it is increase physical exercise activity and decrease the rate of fatigue and this high level of exercise prevent coronary artery disease.However high dose of this mineral causing adverse effects of our body so according to U.S.Public health service report the maximum allowed in drinking water is 10 mg/l.

We already mentioned that HCL is a gastric juice present in the stomach,it is digest proteins but excess amount of gastric acids causes acidity so if you intake 18 to 30 mEq/L Bicarbonate, it will neutralize excess amount of gastric juices and prevent the stomach damage from acid.It is also prevent many serious complications like chest pain, stomach upset and indigestion etc..,

Sulfates is very essential for removal of toxic substances from our body,it is play main role in our blood circulatory system,it is very important for coagulation of blood after injury and also reduce hypertension.It is eliminate bacteria in the skin and lungs.Autism is mainly arise due to insufficient of this mineral so lots of surveys recommended that 250 mg/l.

All the inhabitants of the earth especially human should maintain pH level is nearly 7.4 if this level is increase or decrease as per the level of neutral , it will cause many diseases such as heart failure,kidney failure,diabetes mellitus ,cancers etc.., because pH is very important for respiratory system and renal compensation.Actually we eat various food items in our diet these can be more acidic in nature and change the concentration of hydrozen ion in our body system so Evian water has very optimum level that is close to 7.2, it is balance between acids and bases in the food and get rid of many health hazards from our body in the same way exercise persons also likes Enhanced water, it has pH level is 9.5 and neutralize the acid in our body after eating.

Silica plays important role in our body mechanism, it will prevent hair loss and promotes growing healthy hair.It is prevent peel,break and infection of the nail and also help to growth of strong is play key role in healthy skin and very important for connective tissues in our body otherwise formation of joints are very poor so it is assists to calcium for stronger bones.Many health surveys recommended that ingest level is 55 mg/day.

TDS indicates purity of water,actually FDA guidelines TDS limit between 300 and 600 mg/l is good condition so this water contains between 320 and 385 mg/l but this range not suitable for kidneys patients, so I advise them please abstain from this bottle if you suffer from kidney disease.

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After you read above all points I would like to say Evian company maintain mineral balance so these are transports evenly across the body which promotes cell growth and retard the aging process.Most of the celebrities especially Virat Kohli drink Evian water I think this is one of the elements behind on his success story and one more thing this is very useful to all sports persons.

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