How to prevent Men Hair Fall with Minoxidil?

how to prevent men hair fall with minoxidil

We know that hair is the centre of attraction for the beauty of human in the same way protects the scalp from various hazards such as small injuries,heat,cold,UV radiation and so on,but lots of people suffering from hair loss so that many clinical research institutes recommended Minoxidil,it is working effectively on the male-pattern hairloss as well as round scalp patches,so now I given clear cut explanation about this product including my personal experience.

Causes of hair loss:

There are so many reasons behind the shedding of hair such as:

  • Abstain from exercise
  • Anaemia
  • Heredity
  • Mental illness
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Too much straightening and Ironing
  • Applying artificial colors and jels
  • Over using shampoo and conditioner
  • Over exposed in sun rays.

About the minoxidil:

minoxidil is a pharmaceutical drug,which is approved by FDA and extensively used for increase hair growth for men and also useful to a certain extent for women.Some clinical trials proved that it is reduce blood pressure and increase the blood vessels size particularly stimulate anagen phase so blood flows freely and allowing sufficient oxygen as well as nutrients to hair follicle on the scalp as a result it leads into promotes thickest hair growth.

Of course we are following different methods of remedies for hair loss on the head, but minoxidil is a specific solution,it is available in two variants:-2 % solution and 5 % solution but latter one is more effective compare to former one.

Again minoxidil 5 % also available in two forms that is liquid and foam but liquid type consists high proportions of propylene glycol and ethanol,these are harmful impact on our body that is irritation of eye,araising skin rashes,chest pain,roof of mouth swollen,inflamed skin on face,flaky scalp and so on,so most of the clinical laboratories recommended foam type medication because first it is propylene glycol-free,very easy to apply on the affected area and spread evenly over the baldness quickly at the same time head absorbed very fastly without dripping on forehead and also minimal adverse effect of health.

How to apply:

Hold the can upside down and dispense half a cap full foam onto your fingers after that rub the hair loss area with your fingers,after finishing wash your hands carefully.You can do this regular habit daily twice in the morning and in the evening and remember don't expect more hair early because it takes between 4 to 12 months for better results.

Some real facts:

  • It is used for vertex and temple hairline,not suitable for beard growth but many website reviewers said that it is working for beard growth,this is absolutely false statement because clinically not proved as yet,so do not used for facial hair and beware such unrealistic statements.
  • No need to wash your hair before applying.
  • At least 2 hours taken for this foam drying so you are better to shower after 4 hours and also apply 2 hours before go to bed.
  • You always continued to use this product otherwise losing hair within short period.
  • Dr.Robert M.Bernstein in newyork suggested that minoxidil is well working for receding hairline and given clear explanation on all false beliefs.
  • Your hair must be dry before applying minoxidil.

My personal Experience:

Six months ago I went hair cutting saloon,suddenly barber speak out with me,hair is very important for good-looking appearance and also indicates your health condition but your hair soften up day by day,so you should find out how to stop hair from falling out.When I heared those words,I was disappointed because my age 32 years still un-married,after few days I met Doctor then he specified this unscented foam,now I feel very happy and not a problem with extreme hair fall and every part on my head grown hair steadily but at starting shedding of hair is common so don't bother about it because this is the indication of growing good amount of hair.

Important Precautions as per pamphlet:

Do not use if:

  1. You are a woman
  2. Do not recommended below the 18 years of aged people
  3. Your scalp is inflamed,irritated or painful
  4. You are using other medicines for growing hair.
  5. Do not apply other parts of the body.
  6. Do not contact with eyes incase contact then clean eyes with large amounts of cool tap water.
  7. Store at 20°-25°c(68°-77°F),do not store at above 49°(120°F)
  8. If your fingers are warm,first clean them in cold water after that allow to dry completely before applying otherwise foam melt with your fingers.If problem is not solved,my better suggestion is please wear gloves.

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Anyhow Minoxidil along with doing proper exercise regularly,give much importance for protein and fiber content food,drink healthy water and best lifestyle habits are the key factors for better regrowth of hair and you should giveup some bad habits such as taking alcohol,smoking,eating fast food etc..,if you follow above all tips,you will Sing in the new hair.


If you have noticed any health complications,please stop to use it and consult immediately Doctor,my best advice is take Doctor suggestion before using,it is much better for you.

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