Rondeletia odorata,panama-rose plant protect garden.

panama-rose plant

Image from:Drew Avery

Rondeletia odorata flowering plant also called as rondeletia and panama-rose,this is belongs to coffee family,this shrub grown up to 3 meters height,2 meters wide and leaves are 5 centimeters long and one of the interesting facts is leaves are arranged opposite sides with equal length and also thick and seems to be leather shape.

How to Grow Panama-rose Plant?


It is well grown on full sun as well as partial shade.


It is grown on every soil and climate conditions but slight acidic nature,well drained soil is more optimal.


No need to over fertilizers,just monthly once add three-component N.P.K fertilizer directly on the soil or after diluting with water.


Moderate but regular watering is needed and remember between watering soil must be drained.


This plant produces unscented orange color flowers with yellow throats on year long,especially between summer to autumn more blossoms are appeared.


It can tolerate up to 10°c to 13°c temperature.

Pest Problems:

Nothing at all,it is fully resistant from various pests.


It can be easily propagate with 6-inch semi-hardwood cutting shrub in the 5-tier stackable pot between summer to winter season


Panama-rose plant is useful as informal hedge that means dense shrub act like fencing of your garden.

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