Hand blown Heat resistant glass Kettle for all Liquids.

hand blown heat resistant glass kettle

We are drinking daily hot-hot beverages like Tea,milk,coffee etc and also juices for refreshing body and for better health but very difficult to handle with hot solution because sometimes our skin burning with spilling boiled liquid or stem.Most of the victims are women and children,so Dealglad company introduced Hand blown heat resistant glass kettle(also called as 1.8l high capacity heat resistant filter strainer bamboo lid glass kettle water jug coffeepot flower teapot),it is made with thick size borosilicate glass therefore safe guard from inside of the over heat,we cannot be felt by touch,So you can freely lift the item without any fear.So that I highly recommended this see through kettle people who start new family life or celebrating party or any events or going to trekking or working at office or doing business whatever completely worked as heat resistant and exceed everybody expectations.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Handmade and eco-friendly item
  • Perfect gift item for every occasion
  • Useful as best storage pot
  • Beautiful table-ware pot
  • Sturdy cute kettle(grip)
  • BPA free


  • Glass item,so handle with care
  • May be not applicable Dishwasher safe
  • Cost price moderate
  • A little bit weight even without liquid
  • Does not having liquid measurements.
  • Heat cannot stay after 30 minutes
  • It has 1800 ml capacity but we can fill up to approximately 1.65L because overflown through spout.

Features of the 1.8L high capacity Hand blown Heat resistant glass Kettle:

  1. Lid made with bamboo wood and tightly fitted so unable to isolate from the glass therefore liquid not spurted out of the pitcher at the time of pouring.
  2. It is safe in microwave and in refrigerator but experts point of view not suitable in dishwasher because glassware and bamboo wood materials not recommended.
  3. Wide mouth has stainless steel strainer pulled up solid particles so that get clean and crystal clear drink
  4. Easy to serve seethe solutions.
  5. Everybody liked this smooth and glossy look at first sight
  6. Appropriate for whether cold or hot solutions such as water,tea,juices,wine,milk,cool drinks,mixed drinks and more.
  7. It can resist the temperature from -18°c to 160°c.
  8. You can also directly heated on stove top up to 160°c,cracking not occurred and heat not transferred outside.
  9. Liquid original taste does not change even though used number of times because glass not melted at any level of heat.

How to clean?

When you emptied any liquid out of the pitcher,some residue remains so that add a few drops of vinegar solution afterward rinse with hot water.In this process all types of impurities and bacteria can be removed and then dry up sometime thereafter clean with dried cotton cloth.

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  • Brand:Dealglad
  • Color:Transparent
  • Made in:China
  • Bottom Diameter:13 cm
  • Height:18.5 cm
  • Width:21.5 cm


Actually we have good palate on liquids whether hot or cold and also taking in small quantity for our mental agility,so Hand blown Heat resistant glass kettle will satisfy all members desire.

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