Rewritable(Doodles) items Dig Out Kids Creativity

Kids noise in leisure time

Usually children writes words and draw lines on walls,clothes,pillows,school bags etc,they spoil all these items beauty with their mad performance.Parents arranged all items in a tabular form and entreat them don't write here,don't put it disorderly but they don't care and do again and again.If you give them a 200 pages notebook for writing something else,they do not use that one.We cannot imagine what they think in their mind,which incidents and events are embedded in their memory.Of course what they can do,it makes more fun to parents and enjoy kids pleasantries but sometimes enraged by their stupidity.So that if you have face this problem in that matter,then don't bother because we can set things right with Rewritable(doodles) items and also enhance their creativity internally at the same time make more fun to kid's in summer holidays.

1.Rewritable Wall Papers:

rewritable wall paper

Rewritable wall papers are very useful for note down what you have think in your mind for example you have full of homework or four days later your mother birthday date will coming,so it will remembered you from time-to-time all schedules.It can also used in multiple ways such as drawing beautiful pictures,create time tables and To-Do lists.This item highly helpful for draw a plan for constructive purposes and assists you express your thoughts and ideas with your colleagues.


  • Sticking and removing is very easy.
  • No need to buy bulky white board
  • Easy to clean and erase with a soft cloth
  • Very low cost compared to white board
  • Weightless,so easy to carry anywhere
  • 5 Chalks are provided
  • Increase wall beauty
  • Increase writing and artistic qualities in children
  • Colors are not radiant so not a problem to eye vision.


  • When you remove from wall surface,it may leave some residue and sometimes loss wall paint.
  • Rugged surfaces not suitable
  • Not suitable to multiple uses.

How to Use this item?

  • It can be useful for all age group professionals and students along with children's play room.
  • Please avoid air bubbles and wrinkles at the time of sticking
  • If you cut the wall paper as small pieces,it will be used as labels on your pots,bottles,jars etc.
  • It is more helpful for people who do not have retentive powers
  • A little bit smell evolved when you write something but not rancid and non-toxic.

2.Doodle Duvet:

doodle duvet

Parents bear kids annoyance to some extent but not tolerate when they put the items disorderly,reshuffle the furniture,rumpled the dresses and destroyed tidy arrangements etc but Doodle Duvet take away all mental torments,these type of duvets useful for drawings,poems,write any message,lines,stories whatever easy to remove with machine wash or rinse with clean water.Cloth is made with 100% cotton and highly durable so whenever your kid fill the duvet with colors just put into washing machine thereafter again looks renew and ready for rewrite.So no more doubts at all kids regaled themselves with large(Twin) size Doodle Duvet and also comes with 10 different wash-out fabric color markers.According to my research most of the parents believed that this item serves their purpose for the time being.

3.Doodle Pillowcase:

Children using pillows in different ways like quarrel each other indiscriminately with pillow,some kids thrown it outside of the house and some others drown in water tub.You know some kids noise inexplicable and intolerable,their restive movements make us unhappy,sometimes tears are rolling on parents cheeks so I hope this Doodle Pillowcase restrain kids ruffled emotions,they have to envisage themselves for this pillow customized only for write something,so they do their work calmly.I am sure it certainly useful for writing motivated words and quotations.

doodle pillowcase

Doodle pillowcase are come with different images like world map,Dinosaurs,plain with text,beautiful flowers and more,each photo denotes one different story,so kids try to know the importance of each image so they asking different doubts to parents like how mountains are formed? how many countries are in the world? why dinosaurs extinction? etc and finally they get some knowledge,at the same time kids feel more fun while coloring each image.

Washing machine remove the all colors and give the same position again and ready for replenish as they like.


  • 10 different double-ended color markers comes with pillow
  • Pillow dimensions are 75 x 50 cm
  • It can be work multiple times
  • Ink was made with non-toxic materials.

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You know drawings tried to indoctrinate the kids at various levels,enhance their personal integrity and also make good progress in studies,so please encourage them,don't rebuked.After reading the entire post I hope you are understanding the importance of rewritable(Doodles) items,so please tell all our friends about it,I will too.

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