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vitamin d

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Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin also called as calciferol,it has two forms: one vitamin-d2 also known as ergocalciferol is widely getting from plant based foods and supplements,second one is vitamin-d3 also known as cholecalciferol is available from animal based food items,sun exposure,and capsules.This vitamin is very important for all over the body absorbing several useful minerals for preventing various pernicious diseases and also obtained very easy without spending money,so here we will discuss brief summary on imperishable vitamin.

Health benefits of Vitamin D:

This vitamin activated in liver in the form of 25(OH)D,this will produces sufficient insulin,as a result regulate the glucose levels as well as reduce high blood pressure,so reduced diabetes risk.

Osteoid is very important for growing perfect bone structure and muscle strength in both children and adults,otherwise rickets occurred in kids and osteomalacia occurred in adults.Osteoid can be formed with sufficient intake of calcium,so this vitamin play key role for maintain calcium levels and get freed from such health risks.

North eastern people in USA lives at high altitudes and get low sunlight,so they were an imminent danger to their life with several cancers such as colon,breast,prostate etc,therefore they should intake of correlated dietary food and supplements of this vitamin.This vitamin avert all such impervious cancers in some extent.

Aforementioned both vitamin d3 & d2 stored in liver in active forms of calcifediol and 25(OH)D2 as well,these two prevent liver disease.

Obesity is a chronic disease in the world,overweight make an impact upon many diseases such as diabetes,heart and kidney problems.Actually excess fat stored in adipose tissue,vitamin D help to control appetite and also breakdown excessive fat in AT,as a result gradually shown losing weight.

Deficiency Symptoms:

Several signs and symptoms imply deficiency,these are:

  • Muscle pain and weakness.
  • Decreased bone density.
  • Loss of teeth.
  • Sometimes brain not get enough blood,it may leads to human faint.
  • Fatigue
  • Hair loss
  • Having no Stamina and energy.
  • Walk Unsteadily.

What are the factors causing deficiency?


It is one type of pigment,produced in various parts of our body and determined the skin color.Basically black skin tone people having melanin,it can be protect the skin from harmful UV radiation and skin cancer as well but body unable to synthesize adquate amount of vitamin d.


Recently "American Osteopathic Association" predicate that approximately one billion people worldwide suffering from vitamin d deficiency due to using sunscreen,covering full body with dress,attire hats,going outside with umbrella and spending much time in indoor,this may adverse effect on immune function,so you should walk at least 30 minutes in the sun without covering arms,legs and face.


Generally old age people have low amount of 25(OH)D serum levels because taking low diet and not go outside properly,therefore arthritis and osteoporosis are the common diseases in old age.


Obesity persons having too much of fat and is stored below the skin,so this disease obstacle synthesis of this vitamin,so that they should do various physical activities.


Various drugs used for curing certain ailments but some drugs causing vitamin d deficiency such medicines are:Antiepileptic,Glucocorticoid,Bisphosphonates,Estrogen blockers,Anti hypertensive,statins,Rifamin,Antacids,Cholesterol reducing medicines etc,..

Health Benefits Of Sun exposure:

  • Optimum level of sun exposure provide vitamin D3 and mutagen,this mutagen very helpful to control over cell division as a result cancer cells destroyed.
  • Somebody rely harmful drugs for happiness but sufficient amount of UV exposure produced happiest moods internally in your body without any side effects and rehabilitate your health.
  • Somebody do not feel happy in some seasons especially in winter,they do not participate actively in any activities while sometimes taking wrong decisions like commit suicide,so reputed Doctor's advised that daily 30 to 60 minutes morning walk,it is refresh your body and giving new hopes.
  • You can get melatonin hormone between 6 A.M to 8 A.M,this can prevent sleeping disorders,protect your skin from radiation and etc..

However over exposure of sunlight causing some adverse effects such as skin cancer,eye diseases,wrinkling and pigmentation of skin problems,skin redness etc...

Health Benefits With Supplements:

vitamin d supplements

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Housewives,Kids,old age persons are staying in indoor,so they do not get enough amount of vitamin d from sun while somebody not to eat sufficient food so Doctors recommended supplements.

Depression is a major problem in both children and adults,they do not have capability of raft attention on anything aftermath it can carried many health risks like feel hopeless,guilty,taking wrong decisions etc..,so Doctor's preferred supplements.These supplements activate neurons in brain in the form of 1.25 (OH)2D in the presence of 1 α-hydroxylase enzyme,so that automatically depression is eradicated.

Supplements prevent various neurological health problems such as shivering of muscles,difficult to swallowing,unable to speech,loss of eye vision and reinforced body.

This vitamin inhibit B-cell and T-cell production as a result increased anti-inflammatory properties which can decrease infections as well as autoimmune diseases.

During pregnancy require huge amount of vitamin D because calcium is essential for growing both mother and fetal bones and also enhance blood flow to the fetus,which can prevent preterm delivery,pregnancy loss,gestational diabetes etc..

Note:Supplements can be available in both forms but Vitamin d3 working more effective for decreasing mortality rate compared to V-D2 because later one may increase hypercalcaemia and most important thing is before taking any mineral or vitamin based supplements,you should follow Doctor advise.

Rich sources Of Food:

Many well known research institutes recommended a few food items but National Institute Of Nutrition Department at Hyderabad in India researched on 526 food items under the guidelines of FAOand revealed experimentally first time in the world each food item contain Vitamin D2 & D3 percentage.So here I will provide some dietary items with their permission,let's have a look.

Cereals and Millet-D2(100g):

  • Bajra:5.65 ug
  • Jowar:3.96 ug
  • Maize,dry:33.60 ug
  • Maize Sweet:16.94 ug
  • Wheat flour,refined:6.73 ug
  • Wheat flour,atta:13.43 ug
  • Wheat,whole:17.49 ug
  • Wheat,bulgur:6.27 ug
  • Wheat,vermicelli,roasted:3.21 ug

Grain Legumes-D2(100g):

  • Field bean,black:4.35 ug
  • Field bean brown:4.24 ug
  • Field bean white:4.26 ug
  • Lentil whole,brown:14.52 ug
  • Lentil whole,yellowish:17.68 ug
  • Moth bean:9.77 ug
  • Peas,dry:15.21 ug
  • Soybean,brown:66.22 ug
  • Soybean,white:69.81 ug

Green Leafy Vegetables-D2(100g):

  • Cauliflower leaves:4.15 ug
  • Drumstick leaves:14.33 ug
  • Fenugreek leaves:2.36 ug
  • Mustard leaves:5.40 ug
  • Parsley:5.55 ug
  • Tamarind leaves:2.62 ug

Other Vegetables-D2(100g):

  • Cho-Cho-marrow:5.46 ug
  • Maize:31.20 ug
  • Ladies finger:7.46 ug
  • Mango,green,raw:7.68 ug
  • Onion Stalk:6.81 ug
  • Papaya,raw:7.80 ug
  • Tomato ripe,hybrid:11.83 ug
  • Tomato ripe,local:12.24 ug


  • Apricot,dried:3.98 ug
  • Avocado fruit:2.10 ug
  • Black berry:14.65 ug
  • Cherries,red:4.30 ug
  • Grapes,seeded,round,green:3.59 ug
  • Grapes,seed,round,black:6.19 ug
  • Musk melon:4.41 ug
  • Raisin,dried,golden:11.87 ug
  • Raisin dried,black:1.76 ug
  • Soursop:3.24 ug
  • Strawberry:3.95 ug
  • Tamarind,pulp:25.65 ug
  • Wood apple:28.71 ug
  • Zizyphus:16.70 ug

Condiments & Spices-fresh:D2(100g):

  • Chillies,green:3.11 ug
  • Ginger,fresh:4.09 ug
  • Mint,leaves:3.37 ug

Condiments and Spices-dry:D2(100g):

  • Cardamom,green:43.72 ug
  • Cardamom,black:43.55 ug
  • Cloves:45.07 ug
  • Cumin seeds:12.10 ug
  • Mace:44.92 ug
  • Nutmeg:46.67 ug
  • Pepper,black:25.68 ug

Nuts and Oil seeds-D2(100g):

  • Groundnut:7.10 ug
  • Mustard seeds:31.79 ug
  • Walnut:46.31 ug


  • Button mushroom,fresh:20.54 ug
  • Chicken mushroom,fresh:27.58 ug
  • Shiitake mushroom,fresh:36.40 ug
  • Oyster mushroom,dried:109 ug

Egg & Egg products-D3(100g):

  • Egg,poultry,yolk,raw:3.25 ug
  • Egg ,poultry,yolk,boiled:3.04 ug
  • Egg,poultry,omlet:2.98 ug
  • Egg,duck,whole,raw:2.67 ug
  • Egg,duck,whole,omlet:2.10 ug
  • Egg,Quial,whole,raw:5.72 ug
  • Egg quial whole,boiled:4.91 ug


  • Chicken,poultry,leg,skinless:1.12 ug
  • Chicken,poultry,thigh,skinless:1.22 ug
  • Chicken,poultry,breast,skinless:1.38 ug
  • Poultry,chicken,liver:2.62 ug

Animal Meat-D3(100g):

  • Sheep,leg:2.14 ug
  • Sheep,brain:1.06 ug
  • Beef,heart:5.71 ug
  • Beef,tripe:4 ug
  • Pork,shoulder:9.03 ug
  • Pork,chops:4.83 ug
  • Pork,ham:5.85 ug
  • Pork,liver:2.97 ug

Marine fish-D3(100g):

  • Anchovy:2.76 ug
  • Cat fish:1.42 ug
  • Cobia:2.07 ug
  • Turrum:2.45 ug
  • Pomfret,black:2.28 ug
  • Red shapper:2.32 ug
  • Sardine:3.51 ug
  • Crab:1.20 ug
  • Prawns:1.34 ug

What are the health risks with excess?

Vitamin D toxicity is rare,however immoderate level leads to several health risks such as hypercalcemia,forming stones in kidney,severe abdominal pain,losing consciousness,afterward losing memory but optimum intake level of this vitamin totally based on particular regional conditions,anyhow if you have suffering from nausea,vomiting,insomnia,nervousness,high thirst,please consult Doctor.

How to Diagnose?

Doctors test how much level of 25(OH)D serum contain our body blood,this serum determine Vitamin D level and according to various clinical reports,the optimum level is 25-80 ng/ml.

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Vitamin D is the panacea of several diseases at free of cost,somebody think that only early morning sun rays are the best sources of this vitamin but according to several studies reports between 11 A.M to 3 P.M sun rays also having this vitamin but before that you should take Doctor's advise.


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