Breathable Shoe made for Unisex

breathable shoe

In summer season very difficult to wear shoe because foot get more sweat and not comfortable to walk thereafter foot remains moist for longer period,it leads to some infections such as blisters,itching and redden will arise between toes.These infections are more common in people who work longtime with shoes.Some shoes are pinching pain also,so Breathable shoes specially designed for summer season,these are alleviate pain as well as evaporate the swept.

These shoes having good ventilation style can be engaged in all activities and occasions like casual,formal,office wear etc.While you never fell behind in any activities.


  • Well supportive shoe for jogging,Zym,running etc..
  • It is made with sturdy woven fabric,so highly durable
  • Do not arch
  • Lightweight and low cost
  • It is also fit for wide feet persons.
  • Bad smell not evolved
  • Good looking appearance
  • Perfect hug to your foot


  • These are not waterproof,so not suitable in wet surface areas.
  • May be not suitable in cool weather
  • Not appropriate for cross-country running
  • Sole not contain boost unit.

Features of the Breathable Shoe:

  1. These catchy style shoes are available for both men and women in all age groups.
  2. Sole made with rubber and has good grip so well preserve when you walk on any surface.
  3. Inner sole made with well cushioned,so you can feel like walk on air and juice-up your enthusiasm.
  4. Low top has a little stretch so easy to wear and remove without any strain
  5. Lace-up very closure
  6. Both inner and outer rubber sole eliminate stress on foot and tail-up your energy when you walk on all your surrounding areas.
  7. Laces are more functional rather than attractive.
  8. These shoes highly useful for sweaty feet.

How does this shoe working?

Show atop air-mesh having very thin sheet-like structure with a row of tiny holes,act as a barrier for preventing dust and water from enter into shoe but help to evaporate swept aftermath wearer foot keep cooling in hot climate.So that we should thankful to them with adroit design.

How to pair-up them?

This shoe combination with either chino's pant or elegant ankle length pant attract the ascetic persons and the external embellishments wins the appreciation of all.

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Breathable shoes are available in both branded and unbranded but here brand is not a question at all because you experienced an ecstasy of delight at this price.

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