Lucky Bamboo(Dracaena Sanderiana) Plant brings luck

lucky bamboo plant

Lucky Bamboo Plant scientific name is Dracaena Sanderiana or Dracaena Braunii,pertained asparagaceae family.Commonly people called with many names such as ribbon Dracaena,ribbon plant,chinese water bamboo,friendship bamboo,goddess of mercy plant,curly bamboo etc..,but there is no consistency with bamboo plant.Actually this upright small tree native is tropical west africa but grown in everywhere and very famous house plant because people believed that this pretty plant brings good luck and prosperity but my point of view whether it is bring luck or not but always growing healthy evergreen plant before our eyes truly luck.

How to grow Lucky Bamboo Plant?


This plant can survive under the indirect lighting but remember full sunlight harm to the plant.In the presence of direct sun light leaves became yellow and burned.


Once in every two weeks tipped the old water out of the pot, then pouring fresh water up to roots submerged.Remember water do not contain fluoride,chloride etc.,otherwise plant will die,so wise decision to avoid tap water and use either rain water or purified fresh water or mineral water,these are most preferable for better foliage.


It cannot tolerate either cold or hot temperature,it can adapt at room temperature, that is between 15°c and 25°c.


This plant arrangements so easy because adapt any type of pot like ceramic,glass container,plastic type.But for the decorative purposes most of the people choose 2-3 inches diameter translucent glass type container and add beautiful vase fillers for holding the plant as well as balancing the container from tumble down position.


Every two months add homemade water soluble fertilizer,it will provide sufficient nutrients to the shrub,while here you should remember two tips:one,add only a few drops,and two,don't use in its incipient stage otherwise leaves and stalk turned into yellow thereafter plant die.


Lucky bamboo can be grown in two ways either hydroponics or soil.If you like to grow in soil ,it will required moist soil and pot must have drained hole.But experts recommended to grow in vase because there is no fungus problem.


Normal range humidity is applicable.


In the first instance take healthy and well rooting bamboo stalk then remove the smaller leaves along the shoot for plant will grow faster(but one thing don't remove long sized leaves at the end of the shoot) after that cut the shoot from the stalk,once you have done it next place directly in water, after two to three months roots will appeared.

In the second level take the remaining stalk then cut away the 1/2 inch from below the first node,then after add any wax or rooting powder,thereafter put in water within two to three months very tiny new shoots emanate from where you are applying wax or rooting powder.If you have any more doubts in this technique,please watch below two youtube videos,it's more useful to you.


Video:2this will explain how to propagate from dead plant?


  1. It is the best ornamental indoor plant
  2. Caring and maintenance so easy,no need to lots of effort
  3. Growth rate is very slow,while leaves only grown not stalk.
  4. If you sprinkle clean water on plant once in every two days plant will be looking very fresh and green
  5. If you take proper care,it can alive easily up to 5 years.
  6. This is one of the NASA Suggest houseplants to reduce house pollution,so very helpful for our inmates.
  7. It is considering as shrub because having thin size stem growing up to 1.5m tall.
  8. It is said earlier,people believes that the elegance structure of the plant brings good fortune and tranquility.
  9. Bamboo plants available in different shapes like spiral,heart,twist braid,pyramid and so on.

How to re-potting?

First remove the lucky bamboo plant from existing pot then cut the long size roots uniformly with scissors after that clean the entire plant and rinse the pebbles with fresh water for removing all impurities,next take larger size ceramic or glass container than previous one then put the bamboo in a new pot and filled stones or pebbles along with pure water.Now bamboo will be grown with reanimate.

Why this plant has unhealthy?

Yellow part in a stalk or leaves indicates plant sick position,below points are damaged the lucky bamboo plant performance,these are:

  • Exposing on direct sunlight
  • Inadequate water
  • Using tap water
  • Over-fertilization
  • Fungus can be grown when the soil has wet condition and also stagnant water
  • Infested with insects
  • Torrid temperature
  • Sometimes leaves became bleached due to inadequate light.

Why root rotting Occurred?

Image provided by

Root rotting means reddish color roots changed into black due to narrow size pot perished root growth along with previously mentioned above eight points.So trim the damaged roots and then poured the water up to roots are covered.

How to take care of bamboo plant in indoors?

If you take best and simple precautions,lucky bamboo plant making good progress as you expected,these are:

  • When you observe leaves are turned into yellow,plucked that one.While stop to add fertilizer.
  • When the leaves are burned just keep away from the bright sunlight.
  • Sometimes leaves turned into brown color due to low level of humidity,so in that time provide sufficient water.
  • We unable to bring back to plant original condition when the stalk turned into yellow color,however glad tidings is we can produce new plant with cutting the discoloration part
  • Dry air causing leaves became yellow,so remove them quickly.


  • Easy to transplant
  • Do not occupy large space
  • Imposing structure in that plant mesmerized to everybody
  • Easily produce new plants with simple technique.
  • Not required productive soil
  • This is the best acquiesce plant in all places like home,office,business..
  • This lucky tree is the best gift item for every occasion.


  • Not suitable for outdoor use
  • Does not come with stones
  • Pet poison helpline mentioned that this plant toxic to pets and kids when the leaves chewing
  • Yellow or brown marks in the leaves or in the stalk harm to plant and cannot restore the plant originality.

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