B&O Beoplay P2 Bluetooth Speaker Review

B&O Beoplay P2

Everybody fond of music,in that way music lovers likes floating speakers and using various portables speakers,but B&O Beoplay P2 Bluetooth speaker performance exceed still made in all other small size speakers because it's greatest features,loud and pleasant sound superior to that of the other same size speakers even UE Roll 2 also defeated in a straight fight.So let's read some proofs proving about on this speaker.


Beoplay P2 available in three colours,these are blue,black,and sand stone,among these colours black one is available at low cost.Speaker upper side cover with smooth,pearl-blasted,anodized aluminum grill,this grill worked as splash and dust resistant to protect drivers and the LED indicator situated inside the grill.Speaker one tail-end of the side has leather strap and at the other end built in USB port for charging.Backside of the P2 smoothly polished polymer,in that place B&O logo is there,beneath the logo ON/OFF button is located.Inside the grill the B&O P2 having 2 x 15W class D woofer and 2 x 50W tweeter.

  1. Size is very small so it can fits in your palm of hand as well as in your pocket
  2. Battery charging takes less time
  3. It is built with quality material and also good looking appearance irresistible
  4. It has strong leather strap so easy to carry where you go or hang it on any where
  5. We will listen 360° speaker sound
  6. It is possess microphone
  7. Two years warranty
  1. It has mono sound,so unable to listen stereo sound
  2. Volume control option not provided on the speaker
  3. It is customised only for personal use not for party or any other events
  4. A little bit weight
  5. Does not provide AC adaptor
  6. USB 3.0 charging cord length is very short
  7. No case is provided to protect the unit
  8. Not waterproof


We can get all settings information from Beoplay app and very easy to setup even illiterate person also easily understandable.At first press and hold the backside power button then you hear a sound that's indicates successfully pairing Bluetooth,at that time LED indicator turns Blue(solid) colour from white(solid).

Play and pause the song is really novel feature because very easy to handle with just tapping two times on the grill music will play and again do the same thing music will be going into sleep mode.Another fantastic thing is skipping the present track by shake the speaker horizontally.

We can adjust four EQ settings through app such as warm,excited,relaxed and bright with moving a dot along the corners for listening various types of sounds like rustic style of music,vocal sound,high-pitched sounds etc,still most of the mini Bluetooth speakers does not have this facility

Built in microphone allows you receiving incoming calls with penetrating voice,and voice activation that means you can access siri or google assistant for playing music,skipping present track etc.

We can set alarm with the help of app,it can wake up us from deadly sleeping with our favourite music and the snooze time is 10 minutes.

Beoplay P2 is automatically turnoff after 15 minutes for not in use,it saves battery power and also switched off manually with press and hold on power button.We can wake up the speaker by two ways:one,through app and two,ON/OFF button.app also denotes you the present percentage of battery life.

How to manage Phone Calls?

We can manage incoming phone calls in four ways:one,Double-tap on the grill calls will be received and again double-tap,it will be rejected and two,shake the speaker call ended,and third one receiving and rejecting the incoming calls manually with ON/OFF button and finally fourth method we can do above all these things through beoplay app.

How to understand LED light indication?

Here LED light shown you many gestures,these are:

  • When the indicator start flashing red,the battery power is below 10% and solid red colour indicates mute the microphone during call
  • orange colour with flashing shown you charging the battery
  • Green(solid) indicates battery is fully charged and also imply that UnMute the microphone.While the same colour blinking inform you about on incoming call.

Sound Performance:

B&O Beoplay P2 deliver Bang & Olufsen signature sound when you play any type of music like melody,rock,blues,jazz,classic,rapping etc,.Low and mid bass range sound indescribable,it's torrent of euphony fill your entire room with articulate sound without tedious,while at high volume some sound distortion can be occurred because power amp is low but it is predominate all other portable speakers.I am affirmed that up to 75% volume,this wireless speaker transmits sweet sound with deep bass and you are trussed up with wonderful music.


  • Company recommended battery life is 10 hours per onetime fully charged but according to my research it depends upon various factors such as how much volume you are setup;distance the speaker from your device and what type of songs you are listening that means rock songs drains faster the battery power.So remember higher volume,high frequency songs and long distance from your mobile or any other device are reducing play time.
  • Somebody play music while charging the item but my advice is please desist from like that because battery performance damaged.
  • It is perfectly working on indoor personal use,when you use it on outdoor,then please keep it safe from direct sunlight otherwise overheats damage the speaker volume level

Buy Online Here:

  1. USA:$169
  2. Canada:CDN$ 203.60
  3. India:₹ 14,990


  • One Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Battery capacity:up to 400 charges
  • app supports:iOS(8.x or later) and android(5.x or later)
  • Dimensions:140 x 80 x 28 mm
  • Weight:9.7 ounces or 275 grams
  • Charging time:2 hours
  • Designer: cecllle manz
  • Frequency range:68 Hz-21,000 Hz


I simply said that B&O(Bang & Olufsen) Beoplay P2 Bluetooth speaker is a plummy opportunity for people who wanted clarity sound with great features in a portable speaker.I promise you this will creates rapturous mood while playing the music.

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