Women's Casual Blouse Tops T-Shirt

women's blouse tops T-shirt

Usually all sisters in the world worn various casual tops like plain,wrap,net,lace type and floral design dresses for travelling,go out to night clubs,work at gardening and at night time sleeping etc.,so Sarin Mathews company introduced Women's casual round/V shape neck loose fit long/short sleeve T-shirt Blouse tops with various colors.But here I pick out the solid blue color from the lot and assured to you this nice looking fancy top T-shirt is provides you good times at all time.


  • It is appropriate for thin and long size women and also nice hugging for plus size persons body and at the same time not overexpose the bust and not shown waist size as ugly.But ingenuously speak out this is not suitable to short and fatty persons because it exhibits body clear shape and measurement is also another problem.
  • This dressy blue color blouse with black lines on the sleeves is really awesome,it's boxy shape not too baggy and not too tight.
  • Relaxing loose style of this round shirt is more breathable,so it gives comfort and happiness when you wear it.
  • This fantastic Blouse Tops with short sleeves material is distinguishable from other t-shirts because the round shape neck is a wide but not too wide,it was perfectly sticks to your shoulder so not it slip away frequently and bra straps also not visible and sleeves reaches your elbow.Therefore we should thank to Sarin Mathews for their splendid stitching.
  • This item available at flat rate and perfect age is not less than 18 years and not more than 50 years
  • This soft and smooth casual tops is suitable in all seasons,especially salutary effect on winter and also good pair up with jeans,cigarette pants,skirts and so on.
  • This tee tops absorbed dripping of sweat but spot appeared so I personally recommended black color
  • It is not see through robe


The entire cloth made with 95% cotton and 5% spandex.


The length of the dress reaches up to hip area and the hem without rift,of course size chart is provided,so please choose as it fit to be.Some users who have shoulders size is small selected medium size,so mind this point.

Garment Care:

This afflict free cute tops has one drawback that is not mentioned washing tag,so better to clean with hand wash after that hang on the air and remember don't twisting too much this wet cloth.The greatest thing is the original shape and color invulnerable even washing more times and this is non wrinkle light weight material,so no need to iron.

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Every women wanted to live honestly, in this process their personality going into a daily ordeal,even minor things send them into a tizzy,but I proudly said this Women's casual round neck loose fit short sleeve Blouse tops T-shirt is the insignia of their character when they go coffee shop,Departmental store,movies,or walking etc., because not exposed waist or any part even though raised hands.

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