Tote Bag,Shoulder tote,HandBag,Reticule

tote bag,shoulder tote,hand bag

Usually Women used lipstick as a cosmetic product but today youth always think differently and they wanted everything as a modern.Therefore Gear New company grab youth attention and then introduced this fantastic lipstick and heart shape tote bag (also called as shoulder tote,handbag etc.).The imposing prints of lipstick and heart in that bag gains every fashion lovers heart,so let's read this story.

Features of Tote Bag,Shoulder tote,Hand Bag:

  1. This tote bag has sturdy handles with good strength and made with strong cloth,therefore it can bear heavy weight.
  2. This shoulder tote resist moisture and mold
  3. This handbag is more eco-friendly than plastic bags because do not harm to our environment even though used many times
  4. It is neither Zipper nor snap faster,it is an open tote,of course you can customize it if you want.
  5. The material is soft,so there is no problem when you fold it.
  6. This reticule is not waterproof but doesn't have any issue it it gets wet
  7. This bag is machine washable and color not faded away,anyhow use cold water after that dry it on air
  8. This tote from top to bottom very smooth without any rough mark
  9. This canvas shopping bag material has high durability and nothing to happened even over-exposing in sunlight and also no need to much care
  10. This bag can be plausible for carrying books,dresses,electronic gadgets,fruits,vegetables,grocery items etc..
  11. Bag color white and two types of prints having pink colors.It has 18 inches wide and available in different sizes from small to over sized,so please select suitable size before buying.
  12. The best combination of this bag is (especially women) casual blouse top t-shirt and cigarette pant with breathable shoe or hand painted shoe.If you go outside with above said pair-up items,everybody will fastened their looks upon you.

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No doubt at all Gear new Tote bag (shoulder tote,handbag) lipstick and heart shape prints two fold increase your beauty when you use it and my point of view this is the best pleasant surprising gift item because many of us given various items but nobody can give this type of item,this is I said.

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