Hammock Hanging Chair

hammock hanging chair

Somebody wanted to listen music on the rooftop or on patio of the house at the time of fool moon day,someone having habit of reading a news paper,sip of coffee through swings and some other persons likes to watch movies or lean back some time for relaxing.So I would like to say this Deluxe padded cotton Hammock Hanging chair is in accordance with all your desires.


This hammock chair has soft,smooth and glossy look multi color rainbow design padded cotton and fiber fill cushions fills the entire seat(including backrest) with equal proportions.The poly rope uniformly attached from wood spreader bar to seat edges without tangle and stitching nicely done where the ropes are connected to the fabric sides.

  • No assembly needed
  • It revolves 360 degrees but my advice don't turn too much
  • Solid wood spreader bar
  • It is more adorable item in your dwelling place
  • multi color gives alluring experience
  • allocated long size seat
  • The pieces of cords not produce noise while you are swinging
  • Not an easy to carry if you go any tour
  • we cannot take better sleep like U-shaped body pillow
  • Difficult to remove dust, dirty marks etc.
  • Headrest that means backrest is not sufficient for long size persons


  1. This padded cotton chair width and length more spacious and stretchable than other ordinary chairs,so it's maximum space provide comfortability when you are swinging or lounging.
  2. It is eases you from all body pains and giddiness
  3. It will share all your feelings whether in sorrow or in joy
  4. It is provided great relaxation for who is in exhaustion state
  5. Softer and stronger strings are enclosed equally on both sides,so it can ensure you from slip away position and also no need to add extra cloth on the sides for cushion
  6. It is occupy very less space if you add it on bedroom,backyard,or porch area of the house
  7. It can easily hang from the ceiling or on to a tree or C-style stand

Weight capacity:

This Hanging chair sustain the body weight up to 330 lbs that means two persons easily swing but not suitable to sit side by side

Who can Swing?

This swing chair never slacken enthusiasm of children as well as mid range height persons but above 6 feet person feel a little bit discomfort because not provide sufficient space of headrest to recline his head on it,and someone said that raised the back with tied the strings tighter,but it is not real because ropes are perfectly fixed,we cannot adjust the seating position.

Dazzle cushion of upright and slightly bending position gives good salvation for people who suffering from back pain.


It can be useful for both indoor as well as outdoor but don't put water on it because rope stiffness deteriorated and wetting of padded cotton takes some time for dried out and color also faded away.So please enfold this item after use otherwise multi color rainbow design evanescent with dust particles.

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  • Brand:Best choice products
  • Item size:3(thick) X 24(width) X 36(length) inches
  • Fabric type:cotton
  • Seating capacity: One
  • Collapsible:Yes
  • Wood spreader bar dimension:40(L) inch
  • Warranty:60 days


No doubt this fully cushioned Hammock hanging chair will replacing other hanging chairs in the matter of quality.The Best choice products company making this item for the sake of our welfare,so it will subjugate every heart and gives incorporeal feelings.

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