Best Portable Clothes Steamer for all garments

best portable clothes steamer

are you wake up lately in the morning? are you go out trips frequently? are you working in defense sector? OK well,behind one reason is there for asking these questions that is ironing of clothes is necessary to above mentioned all persons but somebody feel boring to iron their fabrics in daily,so now I am suggesting the Best portable clothes steamer,it is working more decency and more effective than iron,let's read remaining story.

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • best small size item
  • providing carry bag and gloves
  • given informative instruction guide
  • Excellent gift item
  • customer service well responded
  • available at low cost and also drop in price is good news to all
  • it's fast working nature save your valuable time
  • May be not perfect for heavy duty robes
  • water tank capacity is low,so not sufficient for long size clothes
  • not suitable to work on flat surfaces,always hold it in a upright position
  • produce small sound but won't disturb


  1. This light weight item easy to fit either in a tote bag or in a travel bag,so easy to carry where you go
  2. handle more convenient for hold it
  3. This water tank contain a small size transparent display glass,so we can easily find out present water quantity from time to time
  4. Cord size is lengthy and need only 2 prong plug,so easily done even long size garments
  5. Vapour spreading evenly and remove even on stringent folds without toilsome
  6. It is the best travel vapouring device for those who go from place to place
  7. It will retrench power consumption,money and time when you compare among the similar products
  8. This machine do not have automatically shutdown option,therefore it can run without interruption up to empty of the tank
  9. No need to wait for it to cool down before refilling


No need to hesitation about on settings,very easy to setup,first twist the top off and fill with water then close and plug it in,afterwards one single ON/OFF button located on the handle just turn it on.That's it now the device ready for steaming without wasting time

How to work with this steamer?

First hang your fabric after that switch on the device,within one minute of time aluminum heating element heat up and instantly steam pullout from nozzle then pullover the steamer along the bulk of the wrinkles.It is working faster than iron and very comfortable to move in all directions with long cord.Pursteam company recommended that once you fill the water tank up to mark then it can be done maximum 4 to 5 shirts or pants or any garment at a time,but the device actual capacity depends upon what type of clothes you are using? how much time sweeping with steam per single piece? etc.

What type of clothes is suitable?

This handheld steamer remove wrinkles of any type of garment like shirts, men T-shirts,women skirts,table cloths,curtains,drapery and so on.Highly useful for school,defense as well as all office workers uniforms,but very thickest material not suitable.By natural children rumpled their dresses,therefore it was highly recommendable.

The real fact:

One day my sister bought costly blouse tops T-shirt,after first wash do it ironing but unfortunately burnt,then she feel very sad and immediately stave off that item,thereafter she searching the best alternative device,at finally found this portable steamer,now she is happy.

How to clean?

You should clean the water reservoir and holes with mixing of vinegar and water solution for preventing calcification and better to use distilled water instead of tap water at the time of steaming because tap water contain some minerals,so seldom here and there white marks appeared on the fabric.


  • Somebody said that this item useful for face steaming,but this type of fallacious methods pernicious to skin because this garment steamer produce 212°F temperature but required temperature is only 110°F,so keep in mind it every heating vapour not suitable to face or body.Of course they try to rub their opinions on others,please beware from such fictitious statements
  • You should maintain a small gap between fabric and the device otherwise ejecting of small quantity of water drops fall on clothes.
  • Please deplete remaining water and clean with soft cloth after use this one
  • There should be noted here that do not put any other liquids like soap water etc
  • Don't fill beyond the maximum mark printed on the tank
  • Don't work with wet robes
  • Do not tilt it more than 45 degrees
  • Better to wear gloves at the time of working because over heated bubbles come out from the container and sometimes fall on the hand

Difference between steamer and Iron:

is it appropriate for delicate robes?yesno
is it required large space?noyes
can this item burns the garments?nosometimes
is it true this one takes some time for heat up and cool down?no,instantaneousyes
can this item need to change temperature settings for different fabric types?noyes,so most of the guys and girls does not able to set right temperature
need some strength if you use this item?may beyes
can we use any hand?yes,we can done by using either of the handno.only with our comfortable hand
how much time taken to complete the work for each fabric?maximum 5 minutesit takes minimum 15 minutes
is it safe?yes,but don't touch nozzlenot hundred percent,keep away from children
is it suitable for thick clothes?partial successyes
item weight2.5 pounds with waterminimum weight 3.5 pounds

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  • Brand:Pursteam
  • Color:white
  • warranty:30 day satisfaction guarantee and 3 years full warranty
  • Shipping weight:2 pounds
  • Water capacity:220 ml
  • Cord size: 9 foot
  • Power consumption: 110 W


This is the best steam fast compact fabric steamer for removing widely spread wrinkles and also ensures from danger.It is the best option for who do not have patience for using traditional iron.I am sure it will satisfy to your money as well as what purpose you will buy this one.

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