Compact Travel Umbrella-Wind resistant,auto open/close

compact travel umbrella-wind resistant,auto open/close

We know that umbrella is very imperative in a rainy season for doing our routine work,but in this slack season we face troubles with ordinary umbrellas,because these are made with shoddy pieces of material,so frequently capsized with a small whirlwind and sometimes rupture can also happen.So that here I suggest the good quality Rain-mate compact travel,wind resistant,auto open/close umbrella,it will safe guard you from on torrent of rain.


3 fold telescopic shaft made with chrome metal,it's one end has ergonomic rubber handle with push button and the other side 9 reinforced fiberglass ribs strongly fixed,the ribs above surface enfold with 42" inches canopy.Wrist strap attached to handle.

  • windproof
  • lifelong warranty
  • The canopy is completely waterproof
  • we can easily operate with single hand
  • not expensive
  • providing pouch
  • a bit of weight,so below 10 years child and above 55 years senor citizen unable to lift this one.
  • There is no room for two persons
  • Do not block harmful UV rays
  • not suitable for hail storm


  1. This compact travel umbrella available in multiple colors such as black,blue sky,navy blue,pink,rainbow,red,yellow,among these I choose rainbow design.
  2. This is the medium size,don't expect too big or too small
  3. It is fits easily in long size purses,tote bags,luggage,cars,glove compartments,school book bags,briefcases,backpacks and more.Remember your storage item should have wider than 12 inches
  4. This parasol do not have rib tip,so does not plunge for those who come behind you
  5. It can cover plus-size person body but not appropriate to obese people
  6. The handle size some lengthy and also rubbery texture,so your hand not slip away from it
  7. The canopy diameter including the arc is 42" inches,and width 37 inches when you opened it.The total item length is 12 inches after folding it
  8. The upper side of sodden reinforced cloth dries very fast
  9. The canopy made with quality fabric with well stitched
  10. This item not let you down when you most needed it's help,it is contributed a lot at the time of cloudburst.


This wind resistant umbrella completely based on a fail-safe technology that means the canopy inverted or umbrella inclined to one side with strong guests of wind but the pole and fiberglass ribs are very vigour and withstand drastic winds,therefore do not bend,break or detach,so the canopy easily return to former condition without tear into parts.All metal frames durability is nice and preventing rust.Simply said company committed to quality

How to Operate?

No need to fold manually every time,it has automatic mechanism,so very simple to open and close when you push the button on the handle,so avoid the dreaded finger pinches.Despite this collapsible umbrella useful for children,patients and seniors,unable to hold it when they are walking on the rain.

This item not fully closed,so you should press down from the top after collapses and closing is compulsory before reopen.

Difference between auto open/close umbrellas and manual umbrellas:

Itemauto open/close parasolmanual parasol
allowing one hand free?yesno
how many years given warranty?lifetimemaximum 2 years
is this protect from gale?yes,it canno,completely ruin
is it light weight?may be notyes,of course
can this pinching finger?novery careful to close it,otherwise ready to face the problem
how to manage?automaticmanually
ideal for?adultskids,adults and seniors


actually we cannot anticipate the lifespan of any product functions but rain-mate company gives lifetime warranty.If any types of issues or damages arisen to your brella,they will replace with new one without taking any additional charges or conditions or restrictions.This is really good news to all.

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  • Brand:Rain-mate
  • sex:unisex
  • Dimensions:12 x 2.15 x 2.25
  • color:rainbow
  • category:umbrellas
  • size:one size
  • canopy type:single
  • Shaft material:Metal


You know that the wearer knows where the shoe pinches,so I pick over this sovereign compact travel,wind resistant,auto open/close umbrella,after many parasols observed from close quarters.If you use this one,you will definitely send away manually closing items for being troubles.

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