Essential Oil Diffuser

essential oil diffuser

Most of us suffering from upper respiratory tract infections such as cold,fever,cough,nausea and more.Mostly these infections occurred by air pollution.Of course we take appropriate remedies at once,like taking medicines as well as putting air purifying plants in our living places,but you know essential oils gives great relief from many diseases.In the meantime these oils widely used in aromatherapy,body oils,custom therapeutic massage,vaporizer,diffusion,aroma oil burners,inhalation,compress etc..,here I suggest the best ultrasonic essential oil diffuser after probing many items.

  • It has 7 colors,each one also used as a night light
  • No need to filters,batteries,charging etc,purely working with power
  • Not consume much electricity
  • customer service was so good
  • light weight and BPA free
  • This electric diffuser is the best secret santa gift item
  • Does not get it hot throughout working time
  • not harm wood floors,furniture and electronic equipments etc.
  • This oil diffuser is one of the best home decors item
  • Size is medium,so not sufficient for larger rooms
  • Power adapter not available at outside,you must contact customer service if any damage araised
  • It's slight noise perplex to a light sleeper
  • light not turnoff automatically
  • lid not fixed tightly,so you should preserved with care
  • it is worked only as a basic humidifier,don't expect too much humidity.


This essential oil diffuser made with plastic material and outlook appearing wood grain finish.300 ml water volume atomizer front side two buttons situated on side by side:one light,and two,mist.Above the buttons 4 timer options(i:e: 1 hour,3 hours,6 hours or continuous) are located.Inside of the atomizer around the surface one water mark is there.Bottom side of the atomizer have Ac power adapter and cute legs.The lid is a funnel like shape and easy to sit on the egg shaped tank.The total structure of this item is captivate to us.


This essential oil diffuser have many salient traits,these are:

  1. This can be exist and usable in anywhere,like bedroom,study room,yoga room,living room,office room,kids room etc..
  2. It will automatically turnoff,either finishing the selected time from four time setting modes or water runs out
  3. This can work both diffuser and humidifier,so add moisture to your dry skin
  4. Once you fill water up to mark,emanating upright mist persist up to 10 hours and total diffuses area is 25⁃30 square meters
  5. It can remove unpleasant smell from kitchen and bathroom,and the scent smell stayed on 2⁃3 days
  6. LED light exhibit seven colors in a consecutive order,you can also set it your favorite color.You can easily increase or decrease the brightness of each color or shutoff them with light button
  7. cute legs lift the machine some height from the study base,so there is no leakage issues araised
  8. This aroma oil device gives good effect for person who weary in body and mind

Diffuser Benefits:

Still clinically not proved for essential oils prevent or cure any disease but it contribute to rehabilitate our frail health from below diseases.

  • help to digesting the food
  • prevent bacterial infections
  • reduce arthritis and rheumatic pain
  • speedup wound healing
  • enhance sexual power
  • remedy for asthma,whooping cough and children's cold
  • relief from headaches,cold
  • prevent breathing problems
  • kills insecticides
  • reduce the impact on neurological disorder and improve mood
  • help to remove toxins from body
  • reduce the stress,anxiety and fever
  • Boost your immune system and promotes good sleep
  • purified the blood and increase blood circulation
  • most of the oils contain antioxidants,so it will get rid of free radicals
  • great relief from menstrual problems
  • relieves muscle spasms and body aches
  • prevents bacterial and fungal infections
  • lowering cholesterol levels
  • relief from seasonal allergies
  • expel excess gas from stomach and intestines
  • moisturizing the skin and enhance glowing skin
  • prevent unpleasant body smell and skin problems
  • promotes breast milk
  • improve passage of urine
  • reduce fatigue,depression and nervous feeling.

How does Ultrasonic oil diffuser works?

Ultrasonic diffusers vibrate the mixed solution in the lower bowl when you powered on,as a result this solution separated into micro particles called as mist.This cool mist having negative charged ions and released into air.These ions very helpful for dispels bacteria,viruses,foul odors,dust and any other impurities inside the room.

how to select mist?

You can adjust mist settings either in low or high.If you click onetime on the mist button,you will hear two beep sounds,it indicates low mist,again click the same button,you will hear one beep sound,it indicates high mist.But the whole process done internally,we cannot find any difference between the two externally.So to my way of thinking,it was sent out medium level mist and gives cosy feeling at all times.

can I stop noise sound?

No.Actually this aromatherapy diffiser make a bit of noise when you set the time option is elapsed or at the time of adjusting the mist settings or water comedown to a lower level,but not disturb your work,concentration or deep sleep because it is based on ultrasonic technology,so that not produce loud sound anyhow there is no other way pulled up it.One thing I honestly said that this machine not make noise while running and it was fully efficacious in the field of diffuses.

Can I use hot water in Diffuser?

No.Some users recommended hot water,but it is not practicable because some types of essential oils having flammable characteristics,so it may cause terrible loss to the diffuser and also sometimes chemical reaction takes place in the presence of heat,it leads to allergic conditions.

Which water is used?

You can use any type of water,like tap,filtered or distilled but my slight suggestion is using of distilled water is the good endeavor because tap water contain some mineral residue,by chance to build up fungus and change sweet⁃smelling.

How to use this essential oil diffuser?

First takeaway the top lid,then pour the water and add a few drops of essential oil,after that put the lid in that original position,thereafter set the time and mist settings,afterward push the plug.Now switch on the device,in the course of action mist welled out instantly.After every use clean the device safely.

how to clean?

After every use,tipped water out of the atomizer piece of the tank base,then add a little edible vinegar,after that wipe the tank with wet cloth.clean the holes where the mist diffuses and before restart push the plug perfectly.

Frequently asked questions?

Q:can I use fragrance oils?

A:Yes.This mist diffuser also suitable for fragrance oil but there is no therapeutic benefits.

Q:how many drops of essential oil is needed?

A:it's depend upon concentration of essential oil and quantity of water you are using in the tank,anyhow 10⁃15 drops enough

Q:how does this room diffuser worked as humidifier?

A:If you run this item only with water without oils,it's duties devolve upon the humidifier that means it will provide moisture to room,but don't expect like full time humidifier.


Some users complain that my device not work properly,so I advised to such persons please follow below methods,it will help you some extent.

  1. The cap is not sturdy,so careful to handle this,otherwise broken easily
  2. lid does not have screws,so keep a wary eye on the kids.
  3. Before start,you should close the lid perfectly
  4. you should always placed on it flat surfaces
  5. Don't put water over the mark
  6. Don't use hot water
  7. Don't run only with oils without water
  8. Don't use cheap quality essential oils
  9. please add water soluble essential oil into the diffuser
  10. for the safe side of health,don't add more than 15 drops of oil

Items Included:

  • The Diffuser
  • 150 ml measuring cup
  • Power cord
  • instructions manual

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  • Brand:Victsing
  • Water tank capacity:300 ml
  • Input power:AC 100⁃240V 50∕60 Hz
  • Plug:Two⁃pronged
  • power cord length:6 feet
  • Size:6.7 inches in width,6 inches tall
  • advanced ultrasonic technology:2.4 MHz
  • Function:aromatherapy and humidification
  • Warranty:one year
  • Use:indoor
  • Net weight:1.4 pounds
  • Noise:<30 db
  • Mist output:35 ml⁄1 hour
  • Power type:AC source


If you have this top rated essential oil diffuser,it will good turn in your life because spreading the aroma cool mist evenly on every side of the room makes you a light⁃heart but one thing you should know that all essential oils is not safer to kids,pregnancy women,lactating mothers,pets etc..,so beware at the selection of oils.

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