Compact Mirror Portable Charger

compact mirror portable charger

We are using various electronic gadgets such as mobiles,iPad,Bluetooth speakers,cameras and more for time pass,especially carrying on tours and travels.At that moment we always keep one Power Bank for avoiding charging interruption but women handbags filled with many accessories such as lipstick,pocket mirror,comb,Dry brushing etc.,and additionally adding compact Power Bank increase weight and occupying some space,so at present mirror chargers come into the market,these type of Compact Mirror Portable Charges customized for both men and women but this can favors women than that of men on the side of convenience.


The round shape multi functional sleek design portable mirror Power Bank is coated with a UV surface,so that you get very smooth feeling when you touched it.One small circular shape power button situated on the rim of the magnified mirror,this button left side four dotted fuel gauge LED indicators are there,it will show you how much battery power remains in this charger.This device charging itself with a micro USB power port 2 A and the other 2.1 A port is provide charging to your gadgets.Both mirrors where the ends meet possessing a magnet power,so after closing cannot flipped automatically.

  • It is the best stylish,compact and fashionable accessory
  • It is the best fun gift item for men to impress their girl friend or wife
  • This two⁃in⁃one device size and bottom thickness is more than ordinary pocket mirrors
  • It will guide you in the right path if you walk in dark places
  • Staring light exhibit any item on the mirror
  • This unit not impaired in overcharge
  • Shinngo branded company provide only one USB micro charging cable but some other companies like pearl gives three different outlets
  • It can charge to every supported 5V 2.1 amp USB portable devices but not wholly recharged
  • Not having strap
  • Customer service response very poor
  • Power adapter not included


  1. This one device can charge all mobiles,tablets,earbuds,camcorders,Bluetooth speakers,handhold fans and more duly.
  2. It can delivers a charge to devices at a 2.1 amp output
  3. USB micro cable can recharge to this mirror charger as well as android phones but if you have iPhone,you should carry your own cable
  4. It can be easily adjustable even in a evening bag fancy round clutch,so no need to large space backpacks,tote bag etc.
  5. It can hold on battery recharging power up to 4⁃5 months,if you not used it
  6. This unit taking 2⁃3 hours for charging itself
  7. This unit can be rechargeable through micro USB cable which is connected with either USB power adapter (not included) or computer USB port.

About On Mirrors:

This item contain two mirrors:one is normal mirror and other one is 3X magnified mirror.The normal one exert for checking contact lens,applying eyebrows,lipstick etc.,and the magnifying mirror useful for those who have poor vision because it can enlarged our face and furnish close⁃up image,so easily detect even small size pimples or white spots on the face and help to remove unwanted hairs.

How can stop light?

The mesmerizing part of this mirror is LED ring light built in around the thin border of the 3X magnifying mirror.If you opened the mirror,the bright light directly focus on your face and shown your clear image in the darkest of nights and the lights automatically turnoff when you folding the lid.Of course it can also be turnoff manually by double tap the power button if you felt no need of it now.This feature extenuate fast draining battery power.

Charging Times:

iPhone 5s1 time
iPhone 6/71 time
Urbanears Plattan 250%
Samsung Galaxy s765%
Samsung Galaxy Tab25%
iPad Air26%
iPad mini 234%
Blackberry porsche design p'998185%
HTC U1155%
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge70%
LG G665%

Items Included In the pack:

  • One Shinngo mirror power bank
  • 1 USB micro charging cable
  • 1 color matched small drawstring pouch
  • 1 User manual


  1. It is neither splash proof nor waterproof,so keep it safe from all liquids
  2. Do not put nearby any heat surfaces
  3. Travel pouch ensure from scratches,so keep it in after use
  4. Before using for the first time,please charge it fully up to maximum time needed.

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  • Brand:Shinngo
  • Color:Rose gold
  • Battery capacity:300 mAh
  • Watt Hours:11.1 wh
  • Input:DC 5V/2A
  • Output:DC 5V/2.1A
  • Size:3.6 x 3.6 x 0.7 inch (W x D x H)
  • Weight:0.31 lb
  • Warranty:Sorry,there is no information
  • Battery:lithium polymer(included)
  • Battery life:may be 900 to 1000 cycles


This compact mirror portable charger replaces all bulky charger,flash light,and ordinary mirrors but I do not confidently to say this device fully satiate you.Anyhow I am hopeful of it's 3000 mAh capacity rechargeable battery justified it's cost price.

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