O-cedar Floor Cleaning microfiber Spin mop and Bucket

O-cedar easy wring microfiber spin mop

Women always much intense to be clean their house all the time,so allowed their valuable time and fixed their attention on the work in hand with traditional moppings but it is not an easy task,it can put immense pressure on their all over the body,so they are suffering from insufferable back pain,leg pain,hand strain etc,these dread of numerous health problems vitiate their strength.So I suggest O‐cedar easy wring microfiber spin mop and bucket for floor cleaning.This item avert from manually twisting,bending like that activities,so mollify all excruciating pains and more comfortable to all age group genders.

  • Assembling of this unit very easily and quickly
  • no need to use hands for squeezing of water from the shabby microfiber mop
  • after mopping,floor drying very quickly,so nobody slipped from floor surface
  • Handle including soak up material very light weight,so thin persons also handle this easily.You can't feel cumbersome
  • microfiber strings not shredded away even use many times
  • It makes a bit of noise during spinning
  • The bucket does not in balancing position even with or without water when you are carrying it
  • Spare parts not available individually,like Twist and Shout mop.You should contact customer service through email(ocedarconsumeraffairs@fhp-ww.com) or toll free number(1-800-543-8105)


  1. Microfiber strands does not mess while mopping or washing
  2. The telescopic handle has collapsible as well as extendable feature,which makes easier to store
  3. The extended stick straight up your waist,so lower back pain no more pinching to you especially useful for tall persons
  4. It can efface all insanitary substances like dust,dirt,stains,spills,litter etc.
  5. Bucket does not have wheels but not a problem for carrying it because takes only two gallons of water
  6. Splash guard prevent dirty water splashed on the floor
  7. O‐cedar mop durability depend upon your ussability but cannot worn out up to 10‐12 times of washing
  8. Hinge fixed tightly between the pole and the mop head,so disc not flipped over while mopping
  9. It was shown salutary effect on tiles,marbles,laminate,linoleum and more ground surfaces.

About On Handle:

The telescoping handle has two adjustable sections in the middle part,so it can slides from 33 to 51 inches in inward and outward respectively,so you can choose which height is comfortable to accomplish the cleaning process,after that hold the two parts with both hands and turn in opposite directions for lock it.Above the handle grip one detachable cap is fitted which has small hole for hang on it somewhere.

About On Mop Head:

Handle fasten the mop head with a latch,so doesn't fall at any movement.Microfiber strings wrapped around the plastic,so scratches not appeared on the floor.The small size of the mop head spurred onto its destination on every side of the room without need much strength and this triangular shape very convenient for cleaning inaccessible areas such as corners,under furniture places and hard reach areas in your room but its size not good for larger room because not able to cover more surface area like circular shape heads,so takes much time for spacious floors and another downside is not pickup stubborn stains and sticky substances on the floor.

How to remove and refill the mop?

Deep cleaning microfiber pad is easily detachable from triangular shape head but don't try to remove by hand,don't put your foot on the red disc during mop head removal because triangular shape plastic will be broken,so first placed it on flat surface,then put your feet on either side of the mop strings,after that pull up in a upright position.That's simple.

Refilling much easier than removal.Just aligned the mop head with the mop strands then snaps with your foot,after done you hear a click sound is the indication that sit on the right position.

Is this bucket has two compartments?

No.The moderate size bucket system doesn't divide into two compartments for separating dirty and clean water.The wringer look exactly like small size basket which is inalienably built in the bucket,after spinning the mop,the grimy water directly goes into the same compartment where you are dipping the mop.However not necessary to change water at every time of spinning,due to easy wrings out all dirty particles neatly and cleanly from the coarse yarn piece.In case your floor filled with too much dust or ketchup,then choose another bucket of clean water and keep more than one microfiber fabric on the better side.

How to Work?

The hiding of great phenomenon is centrifugal force acts on the mop head when you step on foot pedal,this force reduces the effect of the gravitational pull,therefore all dirty particles removed.Also,due to the rotation of wringer the radius of the microfiber reduced as a result water molecules expel from the sodden fiber pad quickly.In this principle we will get the desired moisture level of the mop.

Can I get dry mop after spin?

No.If you step on the pedal 2‐3 times,the spinning chamber wrings out water and you will get wet mop and do the same procedure up to 6‐7 times still it has in light wetting position but this mop having less amount of water after spin,so that leaving of water drops on the floor disappear within a minute.Anyhow try to avoid the cleaning of hardwood floors as far as possible.

Is this microfiber machine washable?

O‐cedar company recommended machine wash but basically microfiber catch fire in the presence of over heat,so better to rinse by hand for preventing lose of strings as well as extended the period of mopping time.Anyhow if you put it in washing machine then set on low heat mode.

Don't use fabric softeners because these are blocked the open spaces in the mop strands,it can losing the ability of absorbing dirt,water etc.

What type of cleaning solution is used with this item?

Usually we use many household goods such as room fresheners,shampoos,soaps,washing powders,essential oils for wiping untidy surfaces but you know many of them brings chemical pollution in our home because we can't imagine which type of ingredients are mixing at the time of manufacturing the product.Of course some products having chemicals in a safe level but indiscriminate consumption creates new problems,so many scientists recommended harmless solutions like vinegar,sodium bicarbonate,lemon etc.,but here bleach and vinegar damage the all plastic parts,so choose one best alternative cleaning solution and use it in a low level.

Why Spinner had stuck?

Some users signalized that my spinner not work properly and very hard to step the pedal,that behind five reasons are there: first reason solution is–don't fill water over the indication mark which is marked out in the bucket otherwise spinner not move freely.

The second reason is –somebody hold the handle tightly while spinning but O‐cedar company clearly mentioned that wringer completely based on hands‐free mechanism that means handle also spins along with mop head,so hold the pole with loose hand.

The third solution is –holding the pole position should be perpendicular to the mop head when you placed it inside of the twirling chamber.

The fourth solution is –don't keep water or scum inside of the bucket for longtime because there is a possibility of occurring corrosion of all parts,so keep it in dry state after every use.

The fifth reason is –some users rarely used this device,so dust particles accumulated around the small derailleur gears which is the hidden hardware part of the bucket,as a result rotating mechanism jams.In that time apply any lubricant on the gear,it will removes dust and the gear moves freely from locking position.


  • Don't apply heavy strength on the middle part of the stick while floor cleaning
  • Do sweep or vacuum on the eve of mopping,if your floor full of dust otherwise scratches appeared on it.
  • In case you are refill the mop or using the spare part of mop head,choose the same company brand because spin chamber dimensions not adjustable to other brand items
  • This bucket does not have legs or wheels,so don't drag it
  • This is customized only for smooth floors but not good for rough surfaces,ceilings,walls,bathtubs,sinks,windows,cars etc.
  • Please keep in mind it this is only for household cleaner but not appropriate for garage or commercial buildings
  • Please wash this absorbent material at least after 3‐4 times of wiping otherwise stink comes from it.

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  • Brand:O‐cedar
  • Pole material:plastic
  • shape:rectangle
  • color:multi color
  • capacity:7.5 liters
  • Dehydration:75%-85%
  • cleaning system type:360 degree rotating washable spin mop
  • Product benefit: eco‐friendly
  • Head width: 13 inches
  • Stick length:5 feet
  • warranty:no


O‐cedar floor cleaning easy wring microfiber spin mop and bucket system discarded all outdated techniques of mopping,it will show you how to clean floor without strain.This self wringing microfiber mop is hustle free and abide by its promise.No doubt it is the best home need item forever.

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