Mopnado Stainless Steel rolling Spin Mop Clean all Floors

mopnado stainless steel rolling spin mop

From age long days to hitherto women follows effete customs to mop the floor that are taking a piece of old cloth,bucket with full of soapy water and then bending knees and moreover squeezing the dirty wet cloth with hands.In this context their hand skin is peeling,fingers swollen,getting knee pain and so on.But they were inured to several pains and sufferings for the sake of their family health and welfare.So here I will unfold them heartening news i.e. Mopnado stainless steel deluxe rolling spin mop,it will put to an end their problems.

  • We can get desired moisture level of the mop
  • Built in soap dispenser bottle
  • Handle extension piece also available and allowing you to clean hard reach areas
  • No need to lift and carry because easily rolling by large wheels from room to room
  • Super absorbent and soft enough microfiber strings soaking up any kind of liquid and clean almost any surface without leave any streaks.
  • Mopnado spin mop all proceedings to preach impressively even learner managed easily and finally made good progress in cleaning
  • Replacement parts not available separately except mop heads and pole extension
  • The circular shape absorbent material and scrub brush not able to clean grime along edges and corner places effectively like O‐cedar floor cleaning spin mop
  • arthritis patients not able to push down the pole
  • The scrub brush cannot remove stubborn stains like other standard floor brushes but weakens them
  • Lock and unlock is compulsory between mopping and spinning,so it is causing a bit of annoying to us especially tall persons feel a bit of discomfort


  1. Handle and Basket are made by stainless steel material,so cannot rust and basket not retain any odors
  2. It has two foldable handles:one is,retractable handle for mobility of the device through wheels and other one is,carry handle
  3. This item comes with two kinds of mop heads:one is,scrubber for loosen unyielding marks and another one is,microfiber mop head for pickup dust,spills,litter,pet hairs and for clean dirty foot prints as well
  4. This movable spin mop very safe to use on all floors such as tiles,hardwood,laminate,vinyl,stone,marble except unpolished as well as uneven surfaces
  5. Handle length nearly 56" inches,so no need of bending on your knees during wiping or scrubbing the floor

About the Bucket:

Bucket have two compartments and each one has unique compartment belongs to rinse portion and contain agitator,so it can agitate dirty particles of the mop and left it off in the same place.The second compartment is the drying portion which is made with stainless steel also known as spin chamber and it can shove water molecules into the rinse portion through the holes of the wall,so you can get as dry or as wet mop as you need.Company gives utmost importance for cleaning solution so that soap dispenser attached to the twirling basket.Exterior part of the bucket made by sturdy plastic.It is also contain two foldable handles and two rear wheels for easy mobility.

Is it need buying handle extension part?

The standard pole length is 56 inches,if you add extension,its total length reach up to 64 inches but the average height for women around the world is between 58 and 66 inches.So in my point of view,it is most suitable to u.s.,u.k.,canada and indian people even without extension.

How to install the mop head to the mop plate?

It can be installed under two ways:in the first method make sure clear of any stray strands around the plastic part,then place it inside the plastic plate and click it in with your hand.

In the second method–Lay the microfiber fabric on the floor and make sure that there's no strands covering this plastic disc,then place the mop plate over it and afterwards step gently side to side with your feet.You will hear click sound indication of sitting right position.

How to remove the mop head from the mop plate?

This is also going into two ways:In the first method–mopnado company directed to us that is,grab the mop plate,grab the microfiber strands and pull apart but I am afraid this is not good way because all strings sewed to the round shape neck which is plastic material,so may be,perhaps laces fell off from it if you to do like that.

Now coming to second method–on each side of the stick has two white circles are there,so put your foot on one adjacent side of the strands towards one white circle then tilt the stick at opposite side,that's it pop right off.


Installation and separation of scrub brush is similar to the first methods of the mop head.But don't follow second kind of methods because brush bristles crushed and sagged.

How to Spin?

Bottom rod of the handle has twist lock button that contains the gears which allows to spring action and wet or dryness of the mop depend upon how much speed you are applying on the pole in a up and down motion.That means if you spin faster,you will get a dry mop or spin slower,you will get a wet mop head but remember it doesn't have splash guard like O‐cedar spin mop,so start off slowly and build up speed.


Spasmodically this deluxe cleaning system handle has come to a stand still from its up and down action due to not release locking position.Some other times occurring damage from normal use or not used in accepted standards or faulty part and or putting heavy stress on the pole.In case you have face those concerned problems,please contact customer service department as early as possible.

If you pouring water beyond the inside mark,it will cease spin action.This is one of the foremost points in the total working nature,so please inject this worth remembering point into your mind.

Usually we are tilted the handle in 45 degrees at the time of mopping for the mop plate stays flat on the ground but straight up position(90 degrees) is must before immersing into either in rinse section or twisting chamber,otherwise plastic plate clogged for doing its function.

are these spin chamber and handle rust free?

Yes,absolutely.Both of them made with stainless steel material,so impossible to corrosion unless using harsh chemicals as well as immersing in chlorinated water e.g. sea water.So mopnado clearly specified innocuous chemicals such as vinegar and water solution for mopping.

How to wash it?

Microfiber truly machine washable at cold settings after that dry it on air.Here two things everybody should remember,these are don't put it in dryer machine and desist from Bleach,these things defile the fabric performance.


  1. Some users used it as cleaning ceilings,windows,walls etc..,I advised to all don't use for anything other than floor because microfiber strands abrade with rough surfaces and also fragile window glasses will be broken
  2. Before mopping,you should tighten up the lock for preventing handle collapse
  3. Don't replete the bucket with superfluous amount of soap solution because microfiber strands not sitting correctly inside the stainless steel chamber,some of the laces sticking out,as a result some filthy water spilled on the floor at the time of spinning
  4. Please remove the soap dispenser bottle before pouring the dirty water outside
  5. Sometimes residue stick to behind the whirl chamber,so clean that one smoothly with scrub sponge

Items Included:

  • One 14 inch scrub brush for grout
  • Two 14 inches mop heads
  • One 47 inch to 56 inch adjustable rod
  • One soap dispenser
  • One Bucket

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  • Brand:Mopnado
  • Color:Lime
  • Capacity:8 liters or 2.5 gallons
  • Dehydration:85%‐95%
  • Head width:13 inches
  • Warranty:1 year
  • Item weight:9.9 pounds
  • Bucket Dimensions:Width–13 inches;length–20 inches;height–11.5 inches


Many users start liking mopnado stainless steel deluxe rolling spin mop as they spend more time with it,especially though they disliked it in the beginning,so I certainly to say,as you use it more and more times,you will definitely warm up to this device.

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