Lumos Smart Cycle Helmet with lights

lumos smart cycle helmet with lights

The crown represents kings dignity,whereas helmet is inevitable to every rider because we cannot expect toward off the impending problems or troubles,dangers ponder at all places.Therefore kickstarter contrived Lumos Smart Cycle Helmet with lights.This true innovation intention is reduce cyclist deaths and tribulations during all the time.

  • It is both weatherproof and waterproof ,so that works very well on all weather conditions in all seasons.
  • Made for unisex
  • helmet with lights built in 48 LEDs fetching pursuit for who ride in night or in foggy weather.
  • Best valentine's day gift for who likes cycling.
  • You may be wondering as LEDs last for 7000 hours.
  • It is lacking multi‐directional impact protection system(MIPS),so may be liable to brain injury in case unfortunately accident is happen.
  • There is no transparent visor for protecting the eyes from dust,sunlight etc.
  • It is not work with standard USB cable,you should always use proprietary cord.But all spare parts are available.


This next generation bicycle helmet pattern is fully ventilation type,all over the surface 22 vents are there,so it is boon to riders as flows of air gives cosy feeling even though they ride on hot summer day.

Total cycle helmet lights are 48 LEDs,among them 10 white colour LEDs situated at front side.Whereas some users demur at the idea of front side lights working capability because not improves on‐road visibility if they go on the dark night.But it should be noted here that something better than nothing that means opposite riders recognised you from a long distance and they will deflect themselves from your direction.So here user opinion seems to be unfeasible and this feature very significant for untrammelled journey.

At the back end brake light located and consists of 16 red bulbs arranged in the form of triangular shape.We can set this warning light in three different modes by means of power button.In the first instance hold the rear side mid button then you will get illuminated triangle shape red lamp and again press that one,it will flashing in a fast mode and again press for go back to the home.If you hold that switch a few seconds,it will turnoff completely.

Each side of the turn signals contain 11 orange colour diodes.Apart from that 38 bulbs exists in the back part(16+11+11=38) and front side lamps response relied on rear side lights behaviour.

From above the picture,you noticed that magnetic USB port as well as red bulb (also worked as ON/OFF switch) embedded in the middle part of the triangle,at the time of charging red bulb illuminated while this bulb turn into green after full charge.

Front side bottom edge one small bulb is blinking,it is the indication to you whether the turn signals are properly working or not.

User can be able to adjust the helmet size as per his/her head comfort with the help of dial which is given at back end of the protective gear.


  1. This smart helmet meets top three companies safety standards such as CPSC 16 CFR part 1203,EN 1078,ASTM F 1447
  2. Comfort padding and good breathable air flow system reduce noise inside the helmet,therefore clamour of the traffic do not distracts your attention and contribute to safe journey.
  3. It can be comes in five different fascinating colours such as charcoal black,pearl white,yellow.electric lime,cobalt blue,so choose which colour variation is close to your heart
  4. This head protective gear customised for both men and women and head measurements are 54 cm to 62 cm (or 21.3" inches to 24.4" inches)
  5. The imposing structure of LEDs in that headgear exhibit three different colours such as white in front,yellow on both of the rear sides and red flares on backside.

How to fix remote button?

Very simple,silicone rubber bands provided for fastening the mount clip on the bike handle bar,after that placed the remote vertically in the clip,thereafter twist the remote pad according to left and right direction.

How to work?

The distinct advantage from lumos smart bike helmet is flashing turn signals which are operated by Bluetooth remote pad.

Either passing or approaching vehicles easily understood which direction you are moving when you click left or right side yellow turn signal buttons on the remote.This persuasive idea of smart lighting system transition proved to be quite effective for ceasing knotty problems,so lumos bicycle helmet light indicators stand for commuters in good stead.And lights visibility more prominent in night than in day time however using hand signals is the best way to get freed from the problems ahead during night journey.

Accelerometer (motion sensor) built‐in wireless remote pad which is activates the helmet brake light (warning light) when you are slowing down from the current speed.This automatic sight of the radiant red lights have the potential of pulled up the behind vehicles and keeps cyclists safe.However this feature still in beta version,so don't expect to toe the line of the lumos instructions.It is just a notional benefit to riders.

About On battery:

Both helmet and wireless remote are run by rechargeable batteries.In accordance with users feedback and company said period for process of getting into a full charge is helmet takes 2 hours and remote will take 1–2 hours.

Lumos cycle head armour battery lasts for 6 hours on flashing mode while breakdown within 3 hours on solid mode.The remote lasts up to 7–30 days with a one time full charge.

How to know low battery?

Again power button flashing red imply that only 30 minutes of charge remains in the helmet light.LED's beep sound inform you that it is ready to go sleeping mode and third way for knowing that through Lumos app.Two buttons on the remote flashing red when the battery is low.

Anyhow if you have strong longing to unceasing travel,or if you stay at a far‐off place from home,I will recommended compact mirror portable charger.It will assist you at your wits end on facing a power interruption.


Lumos bicycle helmet weight 440 grams.It is a little bit heavier than standard head protectors but wearer did not notice major difference,so you do not feel cumbersome and never causes nervous debility.

About On app:

app can be available for both android and iPhone users.Through this app we can adjust the volume levels of turn signals,knowing the battery current status,easily activate or deactivate of warning lights and display battery notifications on our mobile screen.

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Nobody dare to take thoughtless risks,everyone desist from unfounded observation but untoward incidents can be happen fortuitously.So this Lumos smart cycle helmet with lights come into force for alert co‐riders that someone move along the road and keep some distance from him.

Through this interesting earmark,people around you predict your next step duly.Thereby you will be able to snap out of the danger.

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