Premium Silicone Trivet

premium silicone trivet

are you put messy spoons on the countertop? or are you worried to open the stuck jar lid? or are you unable to hold the hot mixing bowls? or are you looking for flexible pot holders? If you answered yes,this premium silicone 7"x7" big Trivet mats 5 in 1 multipurpose kitchen tool such as hot pads,pot holders,spoon rest,jar opener,coasters etc will ready to serve you admirably.

This heat shielding hot pad does not damage to the dining table or any benchtop if you put any kind of hot pots,bowls,liquid bottles or hot dishes on them.

Generally we are fear about burning hands when we take out the extremely hot bowl from microwave or putting on the gas stove but its flexibility facilitate you grab any hot surface comfortably and these three layered pot holders act as armour for stopping the heat flow,therefore your hands never sensation of heat while this premium rubber trivet neither deformed nor melted,so it was worked as oven mitts too... and bad smell not evolved like cloth mitts.So I strongly believe that company takes all measures seriously to fend off all calamities.

In general,we are using spoons/ladles for adding ingredients or taking herb scissors help to fast cooking or using zester for obtaining peel of citrus fruit for adding flavors at that time spillage of substance shown your countertop awkwardly,so this sovereign standard flatware coaster worked as spoon rest that ensure your kitchen platform from smudges.

One side of the silicone folding trivet has nubs surface provides good grip to your hand when you try to open the jar lid.

These two multi‐tasker mats edges enclosed by ring that collect pervade of water drops if you placed liquor bottles,cold drink pitchers,cups,mugs etc on them,so this table coaster feature save your wood furniture from wetness and increase life time.

If you put this insulated mat under indoor grills,it will catching drips of breadcrumb food.This hot plate silicone square type trivet also worked as backsplash if you put behind the stove that preserve the wall from steam or liquid spills.Those advanced ideas put together in this multi usable tool really immeasurable.

Both sides of this trivet set texture is not same,one side has smooth raised circles useful for holding hot cooking utensils while other side has anti slip nubs with thick surface keep your table cool when you put any hot substance on it and this rugged surface minimized slipping if you placed on fruits,vegetables or eggs like fragile groceries.Still have you any confusion state? read this below sentence.

Trivet:use it with the little columns towards the table/surface (look for “this side down” words).The logo should be on top.Pot holder/lid opener:The columns also towards the hot surface(or lid),the logo and small circles would be towards your hands.Coaster and spoon rest:use it with the logo towards the table/surface and the columns on top –Love this kitchen.

Each mat has a hole for hanging on a wall hook in your kitchen room for saving storage space or its pliability takes less space if you store at other than hanger.

Available in eight color variants and each shade close to Pantone matching system,so choose which color matched to your countertop or tabletop.

Washing can be done either tossed into the dishwasher or using brush and warm water plus soap or put under running water tap and then wash the stains by hand.It is tested as Dutch oven safe but should be parried over 442° F food containers.

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  • Brand:Love this kitchen
  • Color:Dark Gray
  • Material: 100% FDA approved silicone
  • Sustained temperature:442°F
  • Dimensions:7"inches wide x 7"inches long x 0.28"inches depth
  • Warranty:60 days
  • Item Weight:3.52 ounces.


This premium silicone trivet 5 in 1 multipurpose kitchen tool will take the place of other sundry kitchen items,so indirectly pare down expenses and always adhere to interests of users.

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