Natural Wood Trivet for Hot Dishes

natural wood trivet

Trivets are very imperative cooking,dining and kitchen equipment as salvage your costly dining table from cookers,mixing bowls,tea pots,pans etc.,so I write brief summary of the two Eco-friendly Natural Wood Trivet mats prescribed for hot dishes.

This handmade circular design underliner plate perfectly sit on the flat surface and its smoothness do not scratch to your stainless steel pots,bowls etc and wood material is a poor conductor of heat,if you put any hot vessel on them,it will always stay cool even take that vessel directly from the oven too.,so that your tables or countertops or whatever always safe from various temperatures.

This creative hot pad foldable decorative flower cut structure and dark wood colour will stole the heart of everybody.Each of these flexible hot pads both sides usable and width is 7 inches,so it can host almost all dishes,skillet,glass kettles,pots etc.Even large size pans also sits nicely if you put 2 trivets one next to another.

This hard duty tool withstand the weight of 1.8 L hand blown heat resistant glass kettle,so it is the perfect meaning for sturdy.This attractive heat resistant mat suitable to all countertops such as tiles,laminate,glass,granite,quartz,marble etc.Therefore you will get a lot of fringe benefits.

Usually we are using knife and roast cutting tongs for easily cut vegetables,meat,slicing fruit etc,but sometimes many small sized deep grooves visible on our countertop,so that at the time this heat preventing timber mat usable as cutting board for preventing such fuzzy spots.

This natural wood trivet made of beech wood timber,so cannot crack if they fall and resistant to decay as well as to termites.It is not dishwasher safe and not an easy to clean because food or dust particles stick to the bamboo mat petals.I personally recommended soapy water for cleaning this timber material after that dry up in the partial shade in a upright position.However after purchasing this item seller send you clear cut information for caring this plummy tool through don't bother about it.

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  1. Brand:Ecosall
  2. Dimensions:7 x 7 x 0.4 inches
  3. Item weight:8.2 Ounces
  4. Food safe:yes
  5. quality:international standard
  6. Usage:Kitchenware


Natural wood trivet for hot dishes available at reasonable price and handmade festive design is the best christmas present gift as well as table decor item forever.So many customers buying this one.

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