Best Wood Trivets protects Worktops from Hot culinary Dishes.

wood trivets

Everybody give utmost importance of cleaning at everywhere but over heat, damp, or moisture etc., will defile the kitchen flat forms or dining table surface performance.

So that here what I mentioning top 8 best wood trivets will tackle all the complex problems and that too you will appreciate all these marvellous designs.

1.Lipper wood Trivets:

lipper international wood trivet

Set of 2 (one square/one round) lipper international bamboo pad protect your counter and table tops from hot vessels and food in the bowl not cooled quickly, heat stays at sometime.

Now coming to design, the outer surface is very smooth and the mid portion contain grid shape grooves is very rough but this portion not contact to your worktop surface, so scratches not appeared on it.

Dimensions:Square:7 3/4";circle:7 3/4" diameter.

2.TOFL Wood Trivets:

tofl wood trivets

These set of three unique stylish as well as decorative bamboo pads introduced by TOFL. The sizes of two largest are 7.5" x 7.5" and the small one is 6.25" x 6.25". ON the account of cleaning need hand washing with warm water. Occasionally, better to apply revitalising and transformative oil for extend the life of mat and prevent future damage.

3.Totally Wood Trivets:

totally wood trivets

Totally Bamboo lattice mats comes with set of two — round one size 8 inch in diameter;square shape is 8 inch and each one has 1/2 inch thickness. This product made from organically grown plant without using pesticides, so eating food always safe.

This item have small rubber legs on the four corner sides that lift them some height from the counter/table surface, therefore heated pots/pans not touch that particular worktop. The holes allows air flow that was cools dish heat quickly without sweltering.

4.Natural Home Bamboo mat:

natural home bamboo trivet

Good looking and inexpensive of this natural wood trivet coated with corn storch, so it has anti-sticking as well as water resistant properties and free from BPA, plastic, toxic etc., which helps to reduce environmental wastes. It is the great product for who wants to live in a natural lifestyle.

This ultra lightweight stronger than oak and do not crack, fade and not bent or twisted out of shape even at high temperature or damp conditions. Its high durability years to come and dimensions are 7.5" x 7.5" inches;thickness is 3/4" inch.

5.Melonboat Heavy Duty Trivet:

melonboat heavy duty wood trivet

4 pack Melonboat Bamboo pad is lightweight but having hard carbonised surface that was not allowed heat flow through them, so all heat sensitive surfaces are fully safe and these are not slipped and stuck and also do not leave any marks and stains on highly polished table/counter-top surface. Remember, you should always wipe with a clean cloth, then store at dry places.Dimensions are 7" x 7" x 0.4"(18 cm x 18 cm x 1 cm)

6.SPL Trivet:

spl handmade wood trivet

This handmade design made from 6 sorts of wood, these are juniper, plum tree, acacia, bird-cherry tree, oak and hazel tree, each timber shown unique characteristics in this material such as juniper sent beautiful aromatic smell for relieving stress; plum wood used for applying dark brown colour; Acacia prevent crack; Bird cherry wood stops decay; OAK offers strength and hardness and finally Hazel timber useful for decorative purpose.

In the above picture you are looking one-side shape of this item and the other side has smooth surface, so it was treated as 3-in-1 multipurpose tool such as trivet, coaster and cutting board.

This 7.5 inch art decor item host almost all types of pots,glass kettles, pans, etc., and both sides coated with juniper oil which is prevent grownup bacteria. This Eco-friendly design inspired from ukraine traditions, therefore adds new look to your table.

7.Teabloom Bamboo Trivet:

teabloom bamboo trivet

6.25 inches round shape Teabloom Bamboo pad is created by hand with "Moso" timber and its sturdiness serving in multitude ways such as chopping Block, charger, salad, appetiser, Dessert, cheese plate and more. it can fits to all sizes of staub cocotte, teapots, dishes,nesting bowls, casseroles etc., so that it is perfect item for any themed party.

It is not dishwasher safe and do not put in microwave or refrigerator, don't immerse into water. Keep it in dry place. Recommended hand wash with warm water and mild detergent while periodically apply food-safe Butcher Block oil for preventing cracking and rejuvenate the pad surface as well.

8.Thicken Wood Trivet:

thicken wood trivet

4 sets medium size Thicken Bamboo placement mat is a intricate design interlace with many beads and thanks to all beads threaded tightly. All round shape paddles are very smooth and brings glorious look at your dinner time.

It is keeps food original taste like silicone trivets. This graceful design with cappuccino brown colour impresses to your guests a lot, so it is the best memorable gift ideas for birthdays, kitchen, housewarming, bridal shower, christmas, friends, thanksgiving and so on.

This romantic style brings beauty to the place where you are putting on it that means home, office, bar, pub, everyplace is acceptable while 5.9 inch area of this item utilised as beverage coaster.

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From the above, it is clear that the purpose of inexpensive Wood Trivets are to provide a guaranteed, effective remedy for the protection of the worktops after facing adversity from the corroding influence of heat.

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