Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop Reviews

rubbermaid reveal spray mop

Adequate mopping is eschew subdued feelings and quite conducive to longer life but most of them shown procrastination because wiping the floor with regular rags are tedious, fussy, hectic process and weaken verve of the user further.So that I propounded the best Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop after scanning rave reviews.Its promptness in doing work stirred cleaning variety of surfaces and intended benefits meet the required standards and also proved it is attractive alternative where sweeping through spin products are bulky and costly.

  • Does not rely on power sources or on batteries.
  • Three non‐disposable Rubbermaid floor mop replacement pads encapsulates washable up to 100 times.
  • Not need to lug bucket of water when implement around the places for rinsing and twisting of the cleaner rag as far as wetting the ground.
  • Providing metal hanging hook for storage.
  • You can fill your own fecund favourite solution without spending extra money on any special branded solutions.
  • Scouring pad not available separately.
  • In the absence of the ambitious built-in wringer mechanism,you must squeezing microfiber with your hands that might hurts your hand.
  • Tarnished condition of spraying but not come to pass all the time.
  • Like Mopnado walkable mop,provide scrubber for removing scuff marks but substantial difference between them.So I am dubious about its benefits.


  1. Dispensing of liquid barely moisten the ground and dried quickly,so that excess moisture abscond immediately.Therefore suitable to all floors including Laminate and wood floor.
  2. 5 feet 6 inches ergonomic handle has enough height that keep your back straight and preventing back and hip pain problems.
  3. Pads and bottles are replaceable and reusable.They are therefore reduce the filling up the landfill sites.
  4. No need to move furniture items during mopping as 360° degree swivel rectangular head access all cramped places include aisle walkways and never tires us.
  5. 16.5 L x 5.5 W sized outrigger 1 M 19 Rubbermaid reveal mop pad occupying largest surface area and getting huge amount of under filthy paw prints, dust, dirt, debris, mud, grease, splatter of the ink, hair, sand and grit etc., in a less time with less effort.
  6. This new and improved version of the Rubbermaid reveal spray mop has a non-scratch diminutive scrub brush.It is attached by Velcro on the head.It can be easily removed and attached without losing grip.

About On Microfiber:

Outrange red colour microfiber pads are thick and good absorbent nature collected everything on the surface and overt surprising results if you move along the high traffic areas.

These mats consist of Velcro like touch fasteners that was attaching or pulling from the head made easy and even after many times uses the sides are not wobble.

At the time of drying them use tumble dry low or hang on a clothesline.

How to use Rubbermaid mop?

First you have to fill your own devoted solution in the 22 oz capacity refillable plastic bottle then fix it in pump chamber, after that to do continuous closing and opening of trigger (which is given at the end of the handle) by your dominant hand.During this process small amount of the fluid dribble through the tiny nozzle hole and stays in front of the flat mop head, thereafter move the handle in a back and forth motions.In such a way of process minimise the growth of bacterial populations, germs will be killed and pick up garbage etc but make sure clear of any particulate matter inside the bottle for freely squirting out fluid on the floor.

How to remove bottle?

Non-collapsible, hand-held, flat‐bottom plastic bottle made with polypropylene and recycled under code 5 which is able to withstand holding hot liquids.

Bottle cap is a screw closure.You just hauled them upwards smoothly from fitting section, twist-off the cap, after filling solution set it in back at the same place.Remember it is not fit with other similar products.

What type of cleaning solution is used?

Many customers have in a dilemma which one is the best? the solitary answer is recommended any vogue diluted household cleaners but before that you should take what type of fluid is stipulated by your floor manufacturer because all surfaces not having same featuristics.Some surfaces not resistant to high concentration of acids or alcohols attacks that would scale down dwell time of the floor and causes health hazards to your children's and pets.

In the view of culminating vulnerability,top hand experts recommended 1:100 ratio that means mix 1 part of cleaner to 100 parts of water.Rubbermaid company outlined these cleaning solutions in that ratio.

Don't use culprit solutions like wax based products, bleach, oil soaps, abrasive cleaners etc.

What is the working principle?

The whole mechanism depend on mechanical forces.When you push the trigger,immense pressure created on the piston which is connects directly to silver rod.At this point of time compressing piston is influence on pressure in the cylinder that was made up of plastic and is elastic.As the impact cyclinder walls stretched slightly and welled out the fluid through commonest route by name nozzle dramatically.

If you release the trigger,their wall retracts to their normal diameter automatically and maintain pressure at a lower level.


Thousands of people trusted that rubbermaid spray mop is the best human ecological safety as well as great revolutionary device for your modern home but at some circumstances spray mist mechanism clogged due to the reveal facts are– residue left either in the water tank or conglomerate around the piston.Then what we can do? very simple fill the bottle first with water then add just 2 teaspoons of your favourite cleaning solution.Filtering of the fluid is the good scenario at the time of filling,do that if it possible.If you not interested,at least shake the bottle for dissolving all residue particles.These measures could have nipped in the bud the piston gets stuck in the pump body.

–In the second case improperly immersed the "water can" inside the chest results leakage.

–In the third case nozzle can be blocked.At the time soak up for a short while under hot water then poking a thin pole into the hole.

However if problem not yet to be solved,then follow these one-by-one fixing leakage issue instructions.

Anyway don't bother if the hardcore of the piston or trigger to be completely damaged because lithe movements of microfiber mop clean floor neatly if you pour manually small quantity of solution on the floor with jug.


  • Wet bottle tip prior to first use.
  • Don't use same solution for your bathrooms and for your other floors.
  • Beware softeners will reduce the absorbent capacity of the microfiber,don't use them.
  • Remove the water tank from closet at the time of storage.
  • Don't use clean walls.In this situation insertion of the bottle let loose and detached immediately.
  • Better to use pads separately: one for bathroom; one for other traffic areas like the kitchen, portico and so on.
  • Before using better to soak up the microfiber slightly in a clean water as wet mop freely moving on the floor than that of dry pad.

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I agree with you mopping is not a fun but manoeuvrability of rubbermaid reveal spray mop kit will help you tailor your sanitation process and improve your living areas as spic and span.You cannot come back to wipe with ordinary rags again.

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