O Cedar Promist Max Microfiber Spray Mop for dirty floors

o-cedar promist max microfiber spray mop

The familiar fact is cleaning of everyday messes become a part of our life but drooping spirits on mopping creates our surroundings unbearable and unhygienic conditions makes our life become miserable.So that I inferred O-Cedar promist max microfiber spray mop graceful waste collection service made perceptible change that will convert floor dull look into gleam with a cinch.

  • Comfortable curving handle grip.
  • Fully assembled.
  • rubber band situated on the handle to give extra support.
  • Sometimes pad detached from the head if you scrub dried spots vigorously.
  • Not available additional bottle.
  • Not sufficient one fabric for all floors,so please avoid wiping bathroom.


  1. Double-sided o cedar promist max washable refill ideal for multi surfaces including slate floors.
  2. Spray right amount of liquid to wet the ground.
  3. Ejecting of fluid is on under your control.If you do not like to spray longer area,then hold the handle vertically.
  4. It can clean all messy common traffic areas in your room such as kitchen, bathroom, solarium, entryway, living room, dining place, stairs etc., with a breeze.
  5. You can make up whatever cleaning solution as you wish.No need to bind one proprietary brand fluid.

About Microfiber:

15" inches notch designed microfiber cover edges slightly protrudes around the head that clean blotchy spots on baseboards unscathed and securely attached by velcro strips cannot pops off during mopping.While either side of the usable microfiber flip action featured refinements lets you go on cleaning time without changing pads.For laundering,it can be tossed into the machine up to 100 times and refilling is so easy after washing.

In the middle of the pad embedded red colour foam textured denotes scrub zone for cleaning grungy surface but the real context not noteworthy.

Wider area and dual-sided smooth sailing feature of the pad better than that of non-max version of the O-Cedar promist mop.

About On Mop Head:

180° degrees swivel freak action mop head encroached larger area that takes less time even wiping spacious floors and darting movement of the head scoot away mucky particles on the floor without making noise or jerks.However remember,this unique design cannot retrofitted with other brand pads.

How to remove Bottle?

25 ounces(or 750 ml) capacity bottle bigger than cluster of the models while mileage comes to last more than 2 rooms and above the nozzle one push button is located to release the plastic canister from closet.After using, clean the tank with luck warm water for extended its condition period.

How to Use?

We usually seen many times pesky kids makes the ground surface disarray with dumped lots of unwanted stuff and toddler tend to drop and spills food.So this O Cedar promist max spray mop recursive style of cleaning keeps your premises of residential places whether home or office steak-free and quickly escaping of liquids prevent skidding on the floor and which is more conducive than giant heavy O-Cedar easy wring bucket spin mop.It is the perks of the household chores as promised.


We already discuss why conked out spraying? how to fix leaking issues? and how can do minor repairs? in Rubbermaid reveal spray mop review section.The same formula applicable here also and additionally one concise point added now that is; if you want to store the device,fill bottle with pure water while squeeze the trigger minimum 5 to 6 times,then remove rest of the water,after that store this empty device at temperature between 50°F-100°F.This sterilising method send out undesirable residue left in the cylinder and prevent blocking of nozzle.


  • Don't use commercially.
  • Don't store near by heated stoves.
  • Don't passes it on wavy floors, grout lines surface or unsealed stone.
  • Avoid pouring hot liquids or water.
  • Lay the microfiber down on the ground for drying.
  • Abstain from hard hit items like fabric softeners and dryer sheets.
  • Don't apply heavy weight on the pole.
  • Don't use "can" as a drinking purpose.

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Super easy assembling of this unit with best cleaning solution cleans spills instantly and longer handle standby the user weal.So this modern technique for uprooting debris is the best option for especially who lead a monotonous life or those who were hanging back to wipe.

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