Shark Steam Pocket Mop (S3501) Reviews

shark steam pocket mop

The importance of mopping on the floor need not be stressed as you might have known that dust is the prime cause of vague feeling of ill health,a clean and hygienic environment attribute of human good health.We also addressed how to overcome those challenges for pleasurable living in the dragged mops section.So I directly dive right in all the ins and outs of Shark Steam Pocket Mop (S3501).

  • It is averse to douse in any chemical or disinfectant based cleaners in an attempt to spruce-up sheltering bacteria and germs,in the likely hope that muster exemplary health.
  • Pellucid window on the side wall of the reservoir give you a hint for finding pool of water level.
  • This light weighted floor steamer proceedings maintain some semblance with rolling mop in the case of easy and inexpensive way to kills bed bugs in the vicinity of target area.
  • It is provided the thrills as scrubbing all grubby surfaces splendidly without scouring pad.
  • All repairing spare parts and accessories are available separately.
  • You are experiencing tad weary when you compressed the handle.
  • It comes with two pads but wear out after 20 washes.Anyway at stage comes you have to choose "All-purpose microfiber steam pocket" replacement pads.
  • It creates some clatter of clicking noise during the mopping.


  1. 12 inches width and 5.9 inches depth reversible wiping pad peg away at sucked splotches of liquid, dirt as well as chase falling of even tidbits or crumbs from the dinning table and
  2. vanishes deeply rooted impervious hazy marks after some uptick passes.In this baseline you will observe ameliorate contrast after mopping the same area.
  3. 25 feet longer power cord will help as best as to subsidise anxiety for changing sockets frequently when you wiping large size room from wall to wall and from corner to corner.
  4. It can ever eliciting fresh warm vapour to wet the floor.
  5. The shaft length can be adjustable according to your postures.

About On Microfiber:

This hard floor surface steam cleaner closely associated with O-cedar spray mop in the matter of microfiber due to both devices having dual sides cleaning pads and pivots 180° degrees too.So easy to flip it over to the other half side,as and when using side getting over saturated dirt.Thus to steer clear of aggravation of the changing pad frequently in daily vaporizing sessions.While thick nubby white microfiber pad holds together with velcro tightly that does not allows excess moisture penetrate into the wood and miracle cleaning fabric rag free of crinkle up to 15 to 20 washes.

How to Work?

First pouring distilled water into 450 ml tank with plastic liquid dispenser,after that put the cord in outlet (without need ON/OFF switch).Within half a minute (30 seconds) of record time,110 V single voltage power expedite heats up heating element (which is the major internal part of the unit) that has led to churn water rapidly.Whenever solution is stimulated,turns it to steam soon at temperature as high as 210° degrees.

After conversion of the vapour gushed out around vents that pervade the entire volume of the mop head and from there obviously rushed toward the basement for melting whatever filthy part found on the floor with impressive speed and also dislodges where the floor blackened with soot and ashes but the real test lies in its activation that can attain by pumping the handle in up and down motion for about 5 to 10 strokes initially while belligerent steam persist as long as you run the device with water and continuous supply of power.

Which Surfaces are Suitable?

Propelling force of this steam floor mop do not generating water spots on the surface and what you see as wet escaped in just two minutes of time that would liable streak-free finish.Hence it has an ability to embolden to go sanitizing all looming large challenging locations safely including rubber type floors, engineer wood floor, painted cement basement and somewhat carpet rugs with one stipulation that you should buy carpet glider attachment individually.

How to Use?

Compared to all steam mops,Shark steam pocket mop is the cheapest priced basic unit does not permitting you to adjust the temperature settings however puffed the steam manually in a medium level from beginning to ending unless increasing compresses of the handle movement under high pressure.So that don't try to rise pump the handle higher and higher except base area has sticky messes due to intensive vaporous state has subversive influence on the floor.Alongside,great care must be exercised if you use steam mop on sensitive surfaces like Laminate as floor manufacturer may avoid warranty in case flare-ups of damage or destruction can happen.So used it sparingly and gingerly manner for doing such a thing.

Frequently asked Questions:

1.Q:Can I fill Dettol or vinegar in the tank?

Ans:You should hinges on only distilled water as a cleaning solution that would decalcify to the internal components,otherwise pouring money down the drain by reason surfactants build-up calcium.Consequently steam lingered through nether portion of the mop.Over a period of time,this is going to be a heartbreak problem like causes abrupt burns and demise the unit.

2.Q:Why water leaking can be happen?

Ans:Broadly four reasons are categories for answering root causing problems.They are:by pocket rag not inserted properly; by microfiber is too wet; by either improperly fitting cap or it is ruptured,or by fractured rectangular head attachment.

3.Q:Why steam not produce?

Ans:This should be the matter of concern for all of us.So after my painstaking research identified other five different pin-pointed factors virtually stranglehold,those are:malfunctioning of the present outlet or power interruption or residue formation or drying water completely or a botched cleaning procedure.

4.Q:How to empty water?

Ans:The cord and tank inalienable and no drain valve for emptying remained liquid.Therefore stand the unit upside-down until it is dry.


Unplug this pressurized device first and let it cool down.Jiggle the occluded nozzle hole with poking thin needle.Then filled reservoir with vinegar and keep it aside minimum 6 to 8 hours for dissolving all mineral deposits into vinegar solution.After over this state of transition period,dump the solution outside.Later on clean up with pure water.

If you give due consideration to above all lifeline of question and answer instructions and how to repair tips,your steam cleaner mop free from tighter leash troubles,avert impending dangers and gives humongous support in a long time.


  1. If you intends to embark vapour on the floor at the beginning,you should have to do sweeping or vacuum.Don't mop.
  2. Company warned vociferously that do not let children run the mop or reach the device.
  3. Don't looking for steaming on cork floors that dangerously risking to surface.
  4. If you willing to take a rest awhile or refilling the tank,don't leave the hot pad onto the surface directly at long time by force of habit.
  5. Don't walk with shoes in the house.
  6. You should separate microfiber from other regular cleaning clothes in the arena of washing.If not,microfiber might be a complete balls-up.
  7. If you need extension cord,your cable should be rated above 15 ampere,14 gage owing to unobtrusive overheat.
  8. Kept this unit in a coolest dry place and last but not least to say read company guiding principles before using it.

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  • Brand:Shark
  • colour:Lime
  • Product Weight:5 lbs
  • Fluid:15.22 oz
  • Dimensions:51.2" x 12" x 5.9"
  • Model:S3501
  • Warranty:1 year
  • Power:1550 watts.


Shark Steam Pocket Mop unrivalled in its field of cleaning tough grime surfaces and light vapour has done well for natural ways to clean and disinfect your home without any anguish.Of course some negatives are there but don't niggle.You will score noticeable victory in the battleground and believe me,you will not regret the purchase.

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