Best Dish Drying Mat can do Counter top dry

best dish drying mat

Countertops whether Laminate, timber, stone, quartz or whatever the types have been biggest victim of overheat and wetness.Therefore in the wake of deterioration of worktops,we are putting various non-skid insulated protectors under hot utensils.In the same way launching of these Best Dish Drying Mat items have utmost significance laying under dish drainer to absorb water and kept kitchen bench top dry.These are more beneficial to who can clean every time at the sink or who does not have dishwasher.

1.OXO Good Grips Silicone Dish Drying Mat:

oxo good grips silicone dish drying mat

OXO Good Grips is the most well talked authoritative company in the world that head honcho introduced this oblong concrete shaped achromatic grey colour 16.8" x 12.5" x 0.25" dimensional silicone dish drying mat.So priority households have enormous benefits in order to accommodating to all 12 inches food preparation equipment particularly ladles, serving spatulas, sticking bowls and so on.

Some of the malcontents groused about this impermeable rubber pad has mini size not sufficient to layout many handful things but does not undermined its virtuosity towards adopting all kinds of cooking tools as well as non dish washable stuff if you stack those bunch of cluttered items orderly.

Seeping of water from hand-washed utensils plopped into the slots and enclosing lip of the frame does not catapult stagnant water onto kitchen counter that moves water around itself and thus we can expect bottom of the pad kept dry while elevated bubbles to play a meaningful role to provide aeration through crevices which proves nimbly dampening down moist that is emanate in the inside walls of stemware as well as glassware if you put them upside down.

The OXO company elaborated that this kitchen tablemat has 425°F heat resistant feature and in some respects propinquity with silicone table runner trivets as a spot to hold trays and platters but to be honest,the idea of projecting dual functionality outlandish because both critics and supporting users waffled about this point owing to the fact that hot appliances have more than its listing temperature.It is,therefore may not be come to fruition as its creators hope.Anyway pledge of trivet not hag-ridden as it is made out to be.

  • This non-abrasive silicone placemat has slightly flaccid state,which is avail to brittle materials like decorative glassware.
  • Washing can be done by two ways-either in dishwasher or in scrub under running tap water.
  • It has a small nail hole on the rim that is stance for hanging on anywhere.
  • Difficult to clean collected messy in the grooves and must be hung to dry between uses,otherwise harbour germs will grows.


  • Don't try to use two sides
  • Don't used as cutting-board

2.All-clad Microfiber Dish Drying Mat:

all clad microfiber dish drying mat

16" x 28" inches dual duty All-clad mat widely accepted due to folding panels to gear up possible adjustment according counter space as well as kitchenware and nicely tucked into cabin folder after use.

Two ends of the absorbent drying pad has different patterns like bottom surface mesh made with polyester which is preventing condensation of inside glassware sets while upper side has soft cushion textile that provide stability likely to be eliminate jitters of breaking fragile equipment.

Company gives explicit washing instructions to us that are sterilising should be done by machine in cold water with a like colours and tumble dry at low heat mode,this process forbid discoloration while warned against using chlorine bleach or fabric softeners that will causes pad shrinkage.

All-clad not given loop for hanging and remains doubtful whether it is germ-free or not.Anyway accruing positive things outweighed by the negatives and available in four colourful accents is a opportunity to choose which one blend to your countertop.

3.Envision Home Microfiber Dish Drying Mat:

envision home microfiber dish drying mat

16 by 18 inch Envision Home soft absorbent microfiber best alternative to who can maintain hardly store plastic drainer boards and both sides quilted by two layer plush microfiber foam evenly,which is thankfully never avulse and never stretched even after many washings and thus durability signalling held up many years despite reflected some minor issues such as biggest size, air dry must be need b/w uses.Anyhow strap placed across one side of corner that can help you make the best use of air dry.

Both sides of the pad taking more initiatives to park everyday use objects such as silverware, egg beaters, storage items, Hand blown pitcher etc.,while its chokepoint nature of porosity showcased water holding capacity more than 3 to 5 times its magnitude and succeeded to stop bleeding dish drying solution in its respective sphere.

Most Often I heard that somebody feels inferior about on fading of colour,although somebody condemned it.So you just do rinse it prior to use that will lend a hand in cessation of uncertainty.

4.Kitchen Basics Microfiber Dish Drying Mat:

kitchen basics microfiber dish drying mat

18" x 24" inches true XL size fully polyester kitchen Basics dish drying mat has light cushion with satin thick border and consist non-slip property that will patronage pad better manage when you put unusual load of drip drying dishes against its weight capacity and do not loosing fibre after cleanse repeated times- only a few microfibers have this capability and its big volume is befitting to extended family need.

As a general rule of washing practice not made any new precautions to purges clearly visible morbid stains, marks etc.Machine wash with water is sufficient but neither hook nor strap is attached that is an unwieldy stow away though making with soft yarn.

5.Coop Home Goods Microfiber Dish Drying Mat:

coop home goods microfiber dish drying mat

Coop Home Goods brand provided three different jumbo sizes lighter grey reversible microfiber pads(as they are 1-XL 17" x 32"|1-L 17" x 16"|1-M 17" x 12") that are the right choice for getting lavish help to dry spate of handy household goods at a time and furthermore each pad perform dual properties,that is- one side has air mesh type design that will contribute good ventilation for soak up moisture from what item placed on them especially cloudy drinking glasses gaining profit and another side has antibacterial quality that works as anti-fouling mildew.

Each pad contain hook and comes with robust suction cup,which can sponsored two prosperous benefits- one for airing and other for allows storage while the unforgettable advantageous flash point is giving two double-sided sponges,which are another big deal to swipe messes on the counter that bonus win laurels by the user.

It has one minus point -a little bit lump arise around the edges.

6.Bellemain Pad:

bellemain dish drying mat

I looked astonished how to make this 24" x 17" inches dish drying mat in a crochet look honeycomb structure.However Bellemain gives ample drying space in view of the honed mound of colanders, skillets, meat slicing tongs and so on.While spongy lining does not specking worktop if you placed dish rack or heavy appliances on it.

Wet pad can be dehydrate with much ease.Squeeze maximum amount of soaking water out of the microfiber then rinsed in cold water,afterwards use to line dry.Company offers you Buy-Back Guarantee if it doesn't satisfy your needs.

7.S&T Microfiber Dish Drying Mat:

s&t microfiber dish drying mat

16" x 18" inches dimension polyester S&T microfiber dish drying mat slightly padded immense help to absorb drips from wet dishes that will make much headway to protect countertop from where bad cooling influence on it.

This roomy counter protection mat welcoming lot of portable things such as spoons, pots, glasses, fruits, vegetables etc,above the threshold level and carved out a reputation as being a soak up even beads of liquid.

Actually counter space is the important cornerstone in every kitchenette area.Herein this foldable S&T microfiber also repudiated for demanding lot of place,which is ideal for taken travel also.

This waterproof placement stand a good position of replacing many relevance bulky dish racks,one time used paper towels as well as repeated washed dish towels and attractive suffused colour add pizzazz to the platform.

This is machine washable with a liquid detergent in cold water and never soggy even combine with towels that is a laudable step but don't try to tumble dry even at low.Don't shown keen interest of using softeners, bleaches etc.,which gives more scope to cause detrimental effect on the hitherto existing colour and may be ascension of the verge of ruined microfiber texture as well.So to do much better hang up on air.

It is fungus resistance and the fear of foul smell is imaginary.If you hang up in air dry periodically,it will prevent stinks.It won't be compelled to wash in between uses.Once a week is enough to restore to its pristine condition.

  • Safeguard against risks of stains, scratches etc and does not stick.
  • Keep all cutlery drainers in an order.
  • The imbibition of the pad takes nearly half of a day to dry.

Note:Don't regard as pot holder,oven mitts like something.

8.Tortuga Home Goods Silicone Dish Drying Mat:

tortuga home goods silicone dish drying mat

Tortuga Home Goods multipurpose counter protector took hegemony among the pads without scepticism because this premium XXL 23" x 18" size extra large silicone dish drying mat doable to host any oversized housewares such as baking trays, strainers and sieves etc., safely without need to form pyramid shape utensils.

Manufacturer put forward a trivet plan can do exactly whatever premium heat resistant trivet does.This can give reply who ask how to use a dish drying mat in other ways.

This countertop mat has wider ridges grid design that jack up dishes bottom, boost drainage and speed up air stream for removing inside wet after upended items.

This is antibacterial, mould-free and dishwasher safe but don't roll or fold it due to the reason,it does not sit perfectly along the creases after unfolded.Anyhow I share two tips how to remove wrinkles if you face complex situation with laying flat - soak it in hot water or put on the top rack of the dishwasher.

It comes with a non-scratch silicone scrub sponge that can useful to clean both kitchen items as well as the pad.

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Honestly,I boggles at why most of the users shown more interested in using above-named negotiated assortment of Best Dish Drying Mat objects and how far these are truly desirable to save countertop from lousy conditions.In this respect after scanning omnibus reviews,my addled mind recognise that those items hits all the right buttons for opposing scourge of evils in all extreme cases and too all of them sanitary.

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