Oggi Non Slip Serving Tray with grip for Tea set, cups etc..

oggi non slip serving tray

Many times we arrange party at home and invite lots of guests and they corralled around the table to eat what we serve like drinks, fruits, snacks etc. At the time all those food stuffs makes dinning table messy and causes stains.

So that after my search on how to organise binge without messy I laid my hands up on the water-resistant, BPA-free Oggi Non Slip Serving Tray, which has potential enough to catering all appetisers and bottles to them without awkward.


This flat vessel has flared handles rubber grip and rim raised at some height from the deck that safeguard measures match all your blowout supplies to harbouring dumping of small to medium size light weighted serving plates, measuring cups, glasses, mugs, bowls securely while prevent carrying items sliding off from the lip.

Both sides have rubber grate, which give smooth feeling when you laid on lap and added advantage of dots on the oggi serving tray upper base balancing to juggling utensils, food items, beverages, thus reduce the risk of any kitchen doodads becoming chipped or cracked.

Frequently Asking Questions:

(1Q)Is the dots on the base either flat or bumps?

Ans: The white and slip-resistant dots slightly raised but not topple to which item you carry even you walked up flight of stairs.

(2Q)What is the clear-cut dimension of the working surface?

Ans: Company pronounced as 17.5" x 11.5" from the end of the handle to the other end of the handle and actual working indentation size is 14.25" by 10.5".

(3Q)Is it safe to lay hot plates directly bring from oven?

Ans: No. Please be avoid such practice because heat shatter from plate to rubber plane surface and contact with already present cold items that leads to occur cracking.

(4Q)how to clean this slate serving platter?

Ans: It is the dishwasher safe but don't relied them. Just clean with soap and water while sticking spillages so easy to come off without take elbow grease to apply. Afterwards use dish mats to dry it.

(5Q)Can you hang on the wall?

Ans: No. You put it away in kitchen food storage pantry shelves.

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Oggi white rectangle serving tray with handles holding more stockpile of items than square and round shallow containers while occupying less space in the kitchen cupboard.

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