EVAK Airtight Storage Container for Dry Foods, Coffee Beans ....

evak airtight storage container

Air moisture and light are responsible contamination of the eatable elements, especially seen in cut forms of vegetables and fruits are oxidized as a result enzymatic browning attributed to discoloration and causes foods become stale. So with hindsight, vacuum sealers are rising in importance to crack this riddle but all of the food storage containers are not on a par. Therefore, I discover prepara Evak Airtight Storage Container.

This will give an outstretched hand to increase shelf life of small quantity dry goods namely freshly roasted coffee beans, herbs, corn, cookies, dates, nuts, saffron, mushrooms, chips, spices etc., after creates inert environment.


Evak airtight jar made by borosilicate glass that innovative transparent food safe material display the quantity of the content you poured inside while the black gloss handle and stainless lid base are joined on an gasket flange that fills gap between the lid and the jar, which is working itself as airless seal and lid moves to and fro in tune with the height of the leftovers stay.

How to Work:

In this clever theoretical air extraction technique, lid has umbrella type twin valves system, which is evacuate presence of oxygen inside of the "hollow can" through air suction vent when you push down the plunger that underpinnings involves a restraint on oxidation and obstruct growing aerotolerant organisms while fresh air rushes into the vault after pluck the cap back that event preserve eatable dry foods freshness and flavor in a long haul.

Frequently Asked Questions:

(1Q)What are the main benefits of this dry food storage container?

Ans: The major highlights of this grand innovation game changing vacuum airtight food container given ahead are - Spill-proof, BPA-free, freezer safe, reusable, 5 years warranty and fits in all cabinets.

(2Q)Is the lid should be touch whatever content placed in the canister?

Ans:Yes. You must be push that one until touch the goods.

(3Q)Is this sealable container suitable to bulk purchasing goods?

Ans: No

(4Q)Can I store airless sealing products at room temperature?

Ans: No. You should follow up these vacuum packaging applications.

(5Q)What is the size of this evak glass and stainless airtight coffee storage container?

Ans: Actually available in three different useful sizes - evak mini, medium, large and in 4 color variants. Among them, I put medium size and its volumetric capacity is: holds 24 oz/3 cups/709 ml.

(6Q)Is it difficult to pull the plunger outside?

Ans: This leak-proof canister likely to be depend on some of your might and intelligence to shun hardest feel.

(7Q) Can this be used for powdered or for liquids?

Ans: No. Other than dry foods, which restrict the inclusion of powders, liquids and guacamole type groceries because they envelope into valves, ultimately plunger no more work.

(8Q)Is it dishwasher safe?

Ans:Glass vacuum storage jar is okay but you must do lid by hand wash and then wipe down the handle with smooth cloth.

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I hope, now you are clearly recognized the grave threat posed by oxidation to culinary items. So this Evak non-plastic airtight food storage canister pressing need to who can store perishable grocery or gourmet food in a loose pack.

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