Collapsible Silicone Water Bottles

collapsible silicone water bottles

Keeping water bottles are not uncommon where we go because water is the necessary precursor to body if we do any strenuous work but the alarming fact is plastic refillable canisters would wound the healthy body and while hard sided non collapsible bottles occupying some space and also sowed vexing issue to carry after they depleted.

So that after chorus of negatives and objections, we need these most safest reusable collapsible silicone water bottles, which are made with squishy silicone surface that malleable in nature fit into the fist of the person after fold up them.

  • Adopting into car cup holder and sit nicely in any seat back pocket whether plane, bus etc...
  • Smooth and rugged bottom stand upright on its own even halfway full.
  • All the time of contraction as well as open up phase does not fracture.
  • Easy to clean any accumulated crud.
  • Comes in pair - one is blue and other one is pink under $16 that was capped splurging money.
  • Slightly jiggling when you take a sip of water and also o bit of ticklish to drink when it is half empty. To figure out this bummer, you should hold it with two hands.
  • Carabiner feature fluffed lines. To be good for anything else, hook them outside of the bag after empty.
  • Kids unable to drink without spilling.
  • Bouncing surface cannot be adjusted into a bike bottle holder.


Dolphin image lies ahead on the each body of two Baiji voluminous collapsible water bottles. Each one silicone surface has FDA approved BPA-free that would completely scrapping people's worries after drink.

Each bottle fancy lid has two openings. Both made by food grade polypropylene composition. Larger one has 1 inch diameter is sufficient to add ice cubes while smaller one has filtered opening useful to suck liquid.

Such Thredup's worthwhile features have capable of quench hipsters thirst if they go outing and after empty, roll it up like a toothpaste tube then retainer strap keep it in a folding position which is eyeing new option.


  1. It cannot breakable or tear if you dropped it or fling it against a hard surface.
  2. It will transform as infinitesimal footprint after rolling them up that facility makes you very convenient to any type of tourism trip whether cruise, adventure or educational.
  3. Sipping spout tightly elapsed with flexible loop cap that could avoid fear of leakage while kept drinks cool up to several hours.
  4. This oddly shaped design is best to go hiking, skiing or when you stranded at airports or at railway station.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.What is the bottle capacity?

Ans: Sports camping canteen feature allows up to 20 Oz.

2.What I can do if cap will broken?

Ans: You just contact seller. They will send you new replacement lids.

3.Can I put hot drinks in?

Ans: No. to clean them?

Ans: Baiji recommended dishwasher on the top rack with some cautions. In a nutshell before and after use, you should refine with soapy warm water by hand that would eliminate lingered plastic smell.

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Baiji gives ironclad guarantees to safe drinking without find strange smell or taste and beyond the features, the company is one of the key backers that contributes 10% profit tangibly to support for surviving of Dolphin species that coherent strategy truly cheered up.

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